Loony Left: Welcome to the Hotel Guardianista edition

This week's madness comes courtesy of The Guardian, Eric Joyce MP, Laurie Penny, Cait Reilly, Owen Jones, and 10 O'Clock Live

Welcome to the Hotel Guardianista - not such a lovely place
The Humph
On 24 February 2012 14:20


Good Lord. The Guardian is rumoured to be thinking of developing a new hotel concept:

This would be much more than simply a place to stay and would offer an inspiring break for our guests. The hotel would offer a diverse programme of activities and events including workshops, debates and classes featuring guest speakers, writers, artists, chefs and political commentators.

Sounds more like an extremist madrasah to me!

Picture the scene: you wake up to a breakfast of wheatgrass and lentil porridge, before heading downstairs to the golden-walled Bruxelles Conference Suite to take part in an exciting debate: What is the least bad thing about Israel?

After an exquisite lunch of plated bankers’ testicles, accompanied by a chilled glass of Champagne Krug 1996 du Socialisme, it’s back to the conference suite for a Q&A with Raed Salah.

Finally, to finish it all off, there’s a rendition of “God (and/or any other deity or symbol of intrinsic spiritual guidance) save our Queen (and/or any other constitutional – or indeed, non-constitutional – leader, strictly non- confined to race, religion, creed, sex or nationality”.

Where do I book? 


Labour has previous when it comes to MPs who are quicker with their fists than they are with their brains. But Eric Joyce MP has really done it this time with his career as a politician seemingly as far gone as he was that fateful night.

Having entered the House of Commons’ Strangers' Bar at around 10pm on Wednesday night, Joyce still found enough time to smash several glasses, rearrange the furniture, deliver two head-butts to Conservative MP Stuart Andrew, land several punches on a host of others attempting to diffuse the fracas, and smash a Commons window. Not bad going.

For his troubles, he’s now charged with three counts of common assault.

Curiously, the violent Scot (no relation to Gordon Brown) posed this question on Twitter just a couple of days prior to his impersonation of Mike Tyson:


It seems he really wasn’t kidding…

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