Loony Left: Argentina's Britain-bashers cash-in on UK aid programme edition

This week's madness courtesy of Argentina, WWF, Greenpeace, Lucy Lawless, Mehdi Hasan, Jenny Tonge, Gatwick airport security, Occupy St. Paul's crowd, and the Trotskyite campaign against workfare

Argentina is a G20 country and holds $50billion in reserves
The Humph
On 2 March 2012 09:00


How’s that for a chest-beating, Daily Mail-style headline? The sensationalism is justified on this occasion though as this story is about as funny as a kick between the legs from soccer legend Diego Maradona.

£452 million – the amount Argentina has helped itself to out of a £4.66 billion international aid fund heavily backed by Britain.

If that hasn’t made you blink, bear in mind that the governing class in Buenos Aires are seasoned con artists when it comes to dressing up the accounts – holding over $50 billion in reserves in their left hand, while palming off the international bailiffs with their right hand: defaulting is second only to football as the G20 nation’s favourite pastime.

But, of course, the piece de resistance is their aggressive, imperialist stance on the Falklands.

So our government will stop this funding-our-enemies nonsense, right? Well, not quite. You see, it’s not that simple as a lot of it is tied up with – you guessed it – EU development funding arrangements which were agreed under the last Labour government.

In other words, we’re continuing to give hand-outs to a potential military enemy even as we make cut backs at home.


Bad week for the Green army.

First off, taxpayers, keep your wits about you: the WWF are at it again.

Just to be clear, I refer to the wildlife cartel, not the wrestling federation.

And don’t get me wrong, I love animals. I love dogs; I love sealife (fried with a bit of lemon and parsley); I even have some love for the way reptiles go about their business.

What I’m not so keen on is embezzlement, especially when it’s taxpayers’ money that's at stake.

So, I imagine there are a few Norwegians who are pretty miffed that the WWF have been playing silly buggers with 40 million Kroners (£3.5million) of their cash through financial mismanagement in Tanzania. Oh dear.

Then there was the double dose of hypocrisy from WWF’s partners in crime, Greenpeace. In protest against a Shell shindig being held inside London's National Gallery, Greenpeace activists pulled off their trademark Spiderman routine and scaled the building to hang a rather unsightly banner across its portico. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that their Director and Chief Scientist were mingling inside. Whoops-a-daisy.

They may not be as red-faced as Lucy Lawless, however. The actress, famed for her role as Xena Warrior Princess, faces burglary charges for trespassing on a Shell oil tanker this week during yet another Greenpeace-organised criminal stunt. But wait, that’s not the most embarrassing part. It has since come to light she once took home a handsome pay cheque from the ‘disgusting’ oil giants after staring in one of their TV commercials. Facepalm

On a slightly brighter note (though only slightly less hypocritical) Kirsty Bertarelli – jet-setting owner of the UK’s largest yacht, and daughter of an industrial mogul – is to release an acoustic version of “Green” with proceeds going to WWF.

The bad news is that the song is only vaguely distinguishable from elevator music. 



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