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  • Obama_finger

    We must remain on guard: Iran is a real threat

    The West never really got to grips with the Iranian nuclear programme. But Barack Obama is no longer just guilty of a lack of leadership on the matter, he is actively leading the world in the wrong direction. Danger looms, and we must confront it

    by Michael Curtis - 31 January 2015
  • Frederic_bastiat

    The wisdom of Bastiat

    The great 19th century French liberal economist Frederic Bastiat is as relevant as ever. His gems of wisdom are a pleasure to read and serve as an antidote to the flat-headed agenda of big government

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 31 January 2015
  • Stephen-sizer-1

    Christian leaders be careful what you link to

    The extraordinary case of an English Christian vicar using social media in Holocaust Memorial week to highlight conspiracy theories that Israel perpetrated the 9/11 attacks shows how casual and unyielding hatred of the Jewish state has become in mainstream Britain

    by Nick Gray - 31 January 2015
  • Greek_flag

    Chattering classes miss point on Greece, EU

    The plain truth is that this is not about saving Greece; it’s about saving the Eurozone. Brussels is terrified that Grexit might start a Club Med stampede for the exit. Monetary union has been a catastrophic failure, and we are witnessing its death agonies

    by Robin Mitchinson - 30 January 2015
  • Miliband_pm

    Ed and NHS cynicism? Unfit to govern, but probably will

    Labour's cynical weaponisation of the NHS to frighten vulnerable people into voting for them shows they are not fit to govern the country. Usually, assuming voters are brain dead is a bad idea, but due to our broken electoral system Miliband is still favourite to become PM

    by the commentator - 29 January 2015
  • Islamism_victim

    The West: Desensitized to Islamist violence

    These days, only the dramatic instances of violent jihad get reported in mainstream media. One wonders how long before Charlie Hebdo-style attacks also lose their newsworthiness, becoming commonplace and expected, as the tentacles of the jihad continue to grow

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 29 January 2015
  • Dan_jarvis

    Labour needs a new leader. How about this?

    The country is crying out for a different sort of politician and especially for a different sort of leader. It craves for a PM of principle; a conviction politician who is not led by the focus groups or the Red Tops’ headlines. Perhaps Labour has got one. Clue: He's not Ed Miliband

    by Robin Mitchinson - 28 January 2015
  • Train_wreck_at_montparnasse_1895-e1394048431799

    This time a real EU train crash may be on its way

    It is widely noted that the EU has turned into a slow motion train crash. But the latest regulatory madness from Brussels over the rail system threatens the risk of a real train crash right here in Britain. It's never going to stop until we get Britain out

    by Luke Stanley - 27 January 2015
  • Greece_austerity

    Greece is impaled on austerity by the Euro

    If Greece left the Euro, devalued in line with market movements, and had access to her own Central Bank to decide how much money to create and have in circulation, she would have more chance of rebalancing her economy and meeting her large obligations. That's the real key to ending austerity, and staying with the euro could easily make matters worse

    by John Redwood MP - 27 January 2015
  • Hanan_and_islam

    Making excuses for Islamism

    Why do Conservatives like Dan Hannan fail to get the point about Islamism and Islam? Theirs is a different kind of denial from the Left's but it is still based on deep-seated flaws. There's also an unholy alliance between the Left and some on the Right on Islamism

    by Vincent Cooper - 27 January 2015
  • Child_survivors_of_auschwitz

    An invincible summer: Saving lives at Auschwitz and Belsen

    My mother recalled her final moments with her son, my brother, in Auschwitz. As he and his father were separated from her, the 5 1/2 year old boy turned to his mother and asked: ‘Mommy, are we going to live or die?’ She didn't answer that question, but she found it within herself to save many others

    by Menachem Z. Rosensaft - 26 January 2015
  • Amia_argentina

    Behind Obama’s love affair with Iran

    The murder of dozens of Jews in Buenos Aires 20 years ago by Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists is being whitewashed in Barack Obama and the West's desperate policy of making nice with Tehran

    by Steve Apfel - 26 January 2015
  • Greece_election

    Greek fiasco is Europe's fiasco too

    The real issue about the new situation in Greece is that it is a microcosm of massive flaws in the way European political economy has moved in the last two decades at both the level of the European Union and the member states. Neither in Brussels nor in Athens does anyone yet seem to understand that

    by the commentator - 26 January 2015
  • Mario_draghi

    Super Mario – an Italian in Europe

    ECB boss Mario Draghi’s QE might work, it might not, but his legacy seems certain. If the euro survives Super Mario will be seen as one of its saviours. So, will it work?

    by Tim Hedges - 25 January 2015
  • Churchill

    Winston Churchill. Will we ever see his like again?

    Shamefully, for some ideologues Churchill remains veiled in a fog of negative myth making, often derided as a warmonger, a racist, an unrepentant imperialist and an intransigent enemy of the working class. Such smears say more about the people making them than Churchill

    by Jeremy Havardi - 25 January 2015


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