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  • Unrwa_in_gaza

    Will Chris Gunness ever be held to account?

    The UNRWA's spokesperson is assisting in Hamas's "dead baby strategy". This bias is intolerable and violates UNRWA's own policies on neutrality. When will this outrage be brought to an end?

    by Dexter Van Zile -  4 September 2015
  • Tsipras_latest

    Germany stirs political turmoil in Greece... again!

    The appalling attacks on Greek democracy by the German-led EU are a stark illustration of precisely why we need to get Britain out as soon as possible

    by Chris Carter -  4 September 2015
  • Refugees_at_keleti

    Refugee crisis: squalid posturing, and the farcical EU

    This whole wretched refugee crisis has once again exposed the fiction of the EU. The truth is beginning to dawn that giving up control over borders is giving up a large measure of sovereignty, and this is bound to impact on our In/Out referendum

    by Robin Mitchinson -  2 September 2015
  • Osborne_red_box

    Lower tax rates do bring in more revenue

    The evidence in Britain again shows that reducing top income tax rates increases tax revenue. This fact of economic life needs to be more widely recognised

    by John Redwood MP -  1 September 2015
  • Assisted_dying

    Assisted dying and the unequal value of life

    Disabled people and elderly people fear “mission creep” with assisted dying. No wonder given that, despite what you may have heard, physical pain is not in the top five reasons given by those asking for "assistance" The equal value we place on human life now risks being lost

    by Kevin Yuill - 31 August 2015
  • Chinese_wealth

    China needs real free market reform

    Ethnic Chinese do fantastically well, when they are allowed to. Ironically, the only place where Chinese people don’t enjoy high average incomes is China. And that’s because there’s too much statist cronyism and not enough free market economics

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 29 August 2015
  • Women_on_the_tube

    Totalitarian training in (wimmin's) unenlightened anxiety

    The idea of women's only carriages is a product of the anti-Enlightenment, totalitarian mind. As usual, it is also a product of garbage-level social analysis. Which probably explains why so many Guardianistas are in thrall to it

    by Charles Crawford - 28 August 2015
  • Obama_waving

    Surviving the Obama presidency and the Iranian bomb

    Incredibly, Obama’s Iran deal arguably obligates the U.S. to help Iran protect its nuclear program from an Israeli attack. The Islamic Republic couldn’t have a greater ally in the White House

    by Noah Beck - 27 August 2015
  • Immigration_violence_germany

    Can Immigration be Trumped?

    Donald Trump says the answer to the immigration problem is to deport millions and build walls. In Europe the problem is even bigger. How do we have a proper debate on immigration without unleashing the extremists?

    by Michael Curtis - 26 August 2015
  • Vittorio-casamonica-funeral

    A gangster’s funeral, Italy style

    Mafia supremo Vittoria Casamonica was buried in a manner that looked like something from the Godfather. In fact, it sounded like it too as, incredibly, the streets of Rome rang out to the theme music to Mario Puzo's famous movie. Only in Italy..

    by Tim Hedges - 25 August 2015
  • Iran_nuclear_deal

    Iranian nukes: a bad deal we'd be foolish to reject?

    For sceptics, there is a depressing logic to the Iran nuclear deal. If it is trashed by Congress on the grounds Iran will not mend its ways, Iran will probably push harder for nukes, and sanctions will go anyway. It's a bad deal that we've got to accept, however reluctantly

    by Robin Mitchinson - 23 August 2015
  • Grima_wormtongue

    H Clinton and J Corbyn: The fine old art of dissembling

    Hillary Clinton and far-Left Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn may not seem to have much in common. But one thing they share is the capacity to engage in outright dissembling to worm their way out of revelations about their behaviour

    by Charles Crawford - 22 August 2015
  • World_vision

    World Vision needs to quit anti-Israel battlefield

    World Vision, the Christian charity, has blurred vision when it comes to the Jewish state. Its disgraceful propaganda against Israel is shameful in itself and marks a betrayal of the ideals it claims to uphold

    by Dexter Van Zile - 22 August 2015
  • World_champinonships_beijing

    Blood doping: have the guilty athletes already won?

    The allegations of widespread blood doping in the world of athletics have undermined the credibility of the IAAF, but how many sporting heroes have cheated the system and escaped unpunished? Simply offering a three-year ban is not enough

    by Luke J. Harris  - 19 August 2015
  • Calais_immigrants

    Cock-up in Calais

    The West African migrants congregating in Calais are economic migrants, have no business trying to come into the UK, and should be sent back to their European port of entry. As for others, let's cherry pick the most educated and most economically useful

    by Robin Mitchinson - 19 August 2015


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