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  • Builders_bum

    Osborne chooses to build: Brits are the winners

    George Osborne has elevated "builder's bum" to the level of a leadership challenge. We need more houses, and builders' bums, says Clare George-Hilley

    by Clare George-Hilley - 25 November 2015
  • Francois-hollande-affair-453851

    France gets priorities right in war against Islamist terror

    The West must mobilize pop culture to overcome ISIS. The question is whether young Muslims can overcome their possible cultural alienation in Western countries, particularly France, with the largest Muslim population in Europe. But France is now taking the lead of the free world...

    by Michael Curtis - 25 November 2015
  • Israel-palestine

    The NGO campaign against Israel

    Western NGOs routinely violate all pretense of neutrality when they get into Israel-bashing mode. Why do they do it? Old fashioned bigotry is part of it, but it may also be a psychological release related to the real tyrannies whose crimes they ignore

    by Dexter Van Zile - 25 November 2015
  • Isis

    We either destroy Islamic State or die

    Like the rise of the Nazis, the Islamic State is a manifestation of pure human evil that we have a moral duty to destroy. Since the sabotaged Syria vote, courtesy of Ed Miliband and his Labour colleagues, Britain has become a spectator sitting by and watching wickedness and savagery beyond belief. This must change

    by Clare George-Hilley - 22 November 2015
  • Putin-gun

    Putin a bit of stick about

    The West should bring Russia inside the tent with an anti-ISIS entente. Whilst our waffling wimps are wringing their hands and wondering what to do next, Putin is putting a bit of stick about. Just what we need

    by Robin Mitchinson - 20 November 2015
  • The-london-central-mosque-london

    The Muslim Council of Britain and terrorism

    The Muslim Council of Britain's forceful condemnation of the Paris terror attacks is welcome. But anyone can condemn slaughter, and doing so does not make you "moderate". What is needed is a radical change in key Muslim narratives

    by Jeremy Havardi - 20 November 2015
  • Tel_aviv

    Start-Up Nation: Israel's market reforms

    It seems that Israel's tax cuts under Prime Minister Netanyahu provide a real world example of how to increase investment and wealth. Paradoxical as it may sound, phasing out U.S. economic aid may also have made Israelis better off

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 19 November 2015
  • Chinese_dredging

    U.S vs China: Showdown in the South China Sea?

    The U.S. seems wary about provoking China even as it builds militarised outputs astride the world's most heavily trafficked waterways. There is a real threat here to peace in Asia, and the U.S. must not allow allies such as the Philippines to be browbeaten

    by Michael Auslin - 18 November 2015
  • Olive_oil_pressing_02

    Extra Virgin? The olive oil scandal

    Italy is the world's second largest producer of olive oil, after Spain, but, incredibly, is a net importer. Always go for quality, and remember that you get what you pay for

    by Tim Hedges - 18 November 2015
  • Airport_security

    Airport security? Don't make me laugh

    The simple truth is that airport security has never played a role in frustrating terrorist attack plans; all have been the result of good intelligence. The ridiculous checks on liquids et al are there because the real way to do security -- profiling -- isn't PC

    by Robin Mitchinson - 17 November 2015
  • Paris-attack-nov-13-2015-billboard-650-02

    Getting real about Islamism means getting like Israel

    Jihadis do not mysteriously emerge from a culture free zone, only 'accidentally' parroting their religious credentials. They promote a violent, fascistic ideology which draws its energy from a reading of the verses and concepts of Islamic texts

    by Jeremy Havardi - 16 November 2015
  • Islamic_state

    The West at War: Know your enemy, know your aims

    As Islamic State is declaring and prosecuting a war on the West, Barack Obama's top priority is, wait for it, climate change. After the terrible tragedy in Paris we need leaders who know their enemy and know their priorities

    by Michael Curtis - 15 November 2015
  • Paris_at_night_by_technofanbg-d4nukh8

    INSTANT VIEW: Paris attacks, West's ambiguity on Jihad

    The tragic terror attacks in Paris were all too predictable. The West has an ambiguous approach to the jihad, as we see over Israel, and a broad denial about what it is we are at war with

    by the commentator - 13 November 2015
  • Sewage

    What a Load of EU Sewage

    Eurosceptics are fond of saying that the EU is flushing our money down the toilet. But in this case from Greece, it is literally true, except they forget to put the connecting pipes in so, in truth, it's not even going down the toilet. Get Britain out of this mess, asap

    by Rob Comley - 13 November 2015
  • Nicola_sturgeon

    The SNP's neo-authoritarian machinations

    The SNP is making a right old mess of governance in Scotland, harming health, education and law and order. But it is good at some things: centralising power and pressing the grievance button against the English

    by Robin Mitchinson - 12 November 2015


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