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  • European_commission

    Brussels sends a Trojan Horse to Italy

    Ms von der Leyen’s rescue package is a Trojan Horse and, to paraphrase Virgil, we should beware Brussels bearing gifts.

    by Tim Hedges - 25 June 2020
  • Bluefin_tuna

    Brussels tries to capsize post-Brexit fishing

    The EU is abusing the Transition Period to stack the deck against British interests. Fishing is a perfect illustration, which also shows why we need to break free from the shackles of the EU as fast as we possibly can

    by Jayne Adye - 25 June 2020
  • Tesla

    Project Fear scaremongers still lost in denial

    From Nissan to Tesla, global companies are voting for Brexit Britain with their feet. Project Fear scaremongers are sliding ever further into self-imposed humiliation and irrelevance

    by Jayne Adye - 18 June 2020
  • Shutterstock_686372170_(1)

    We must prepare for the incoming Green Revolution, and it must start now

    The Green Revolution is coming, businesses and the government must prepare for it, the time is now, argues Steve Collins, Finance Director of Premier Econergy

    by Steve Collins - 16 June 2020
  • Shutterstock_701405176

    On The Robert E. Lee Statue

    Patrick Sullivan argues that taking down the statue of General Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia will do nothing to advance the cause of racial justice but is likely to make an already tense situation worse.

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor -  4 June 2020
  • Red_phone-edited

    Britain and Brussels need their own ‘Red Phone’

    With the European Union facing unprecedented economic uncertainty, effective channels of communication and cooperation with our largest trading partner have never been more necessary, says Ab Banerjee, Founder & CEO of ViewsHub.

    by Ab Banerjee  -  1 June 2020
  • Ecj

    EU cranking ECJ into overdrive to try and derail Brexit

    Desperate Brussels knows it is losing in the face of Boris Johnson's fair but firm approach to negotiations. So, it is employing dirty tricks, and using the European Court of Justice as cover. It won't work, and they should face up to reality now

    by Jayne Adye -  1 June 2020
  • Barnier

    Time for EU member states to intervene

    If the EU continues to adopt a totally intransigent position in negotiations with Britain, then we must walk away on World Trade Organisation Terms. If EU member states want to avoid that, it's time to step in and over-rule Brussels

    by Jayne Adye - 23 May 2020
  • Saka_nuru_

    The impact Covid-19 has had on FinTech

    COVID-19 has resulted in huge demand for digital and online banking services – individuals and corporations have rushed to their banking service provider in order to take out emergency loans, gain consultation on their financial situation or even to just manage personal finances, argues industry expert Saka Nuru

    by Saka Nuru - 22 May 2020
  • German_constitutional_court

    Germany Vs the EU

    The directors of the ‘European Project’ knew, as did we all, that a single currency could not last forever without a political union or at least a fiscal union where Berlin pays up for Sicily just as London pays up for Newcastle. But the member states never agreed to that. German chickens are coming home to roost

    by Tim Hedges - 21 May 2020
  • Ppe

    The media's obsession with failed EU projects

    All that the Remain-biased media's latest obsessions with failed Brussels policies on COVID-19 have shown is that we must escape the sclerotic and declining EU as fast as we possibly can

    by Jayne Adye -  8 May 2020
  • Shutterstock_1678508635

    Reflections on a World Turned Upside Down

    Philip Smith shares his thoughts on how London is coping with the Lockdown and what permanent changes it will bring.

    by Philip Smith - 28 April 2020
  • Shutterstock_205655029

    China must not be given a Free Pass by Post-Pandemic Britain

    Jack Rydeheard argues that post-pandemic Britain must fundamentally change its stance on China.

    by Jack Rydeheard - 28 April 2020
  • Brussels_and_flags

    COVID-19 is killing the EU. This patient may not recover

    People are fed up, and angry. They have been told for decades that the future lies in "Europe". Every single day of this awful pandemic proves that "Europe" is nowhere, and they can only rely on the nation state. Support for the EU in Italy has dropped 20 percentage points, and is barely above 50%. There's a storm brewing in Europe, and we'd better be ready for it

    by Tim Hedges - 16 April 2020
  • Tegnell

    Hysteria at Sweden's successful COVID strategy is irresponsible, and silly

    The terribly inconvenient truth is that Sweden has not suffered relative to most by adopting the kind of "lax" policies that many European countries, without daring to admit it, are now starting to emulate. We need to drop the anti-Swedish hysteria, and the ridiculous national stereotypes about COVID-19 while we're at it

    by the commentator - 14 April 2020