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  • Catalan_separatists

    Is the sun setting on Catalan nationalism?

    Just like in Scotland, Catalan separatism has failed to increase momentum. On the contrary, many have been surprised by how quickly it seems to have fallen away. The SNP should take note

    by Tom Gallagher - 19 December 2017
  • Juncker

    What might an EU/UK agreement actually look like?

    The UK is perfectly willing, as it always has been, to sign a meaningful free trade agreement with the EU. If the EU can't put aside its delusions, we'll happily go for no deal and adopt WTO rules. Overall, the ball is in the EU's court, and they need to act in good faith, or we'll just walk away

    by John Redwood MP - 13 December 2017
  • Royal_navy

    British global influence as strong as ever post-Brexit

    Britain has extraordinary reserves of both soft and hard power which it will continue to employ after Brexit. The scaremongers who say we will be weakened without membership of the European Union understand neither the EU nor Britain

    by Jayne Adye -  8 December 2017
  • Jerusalem

    A smart move, a just move: Trump recognises Jerusalem

    President Donald Trump on Wednesday recognised that the Eiffel Tower is in Paris, that the Pope is indeed a Catholic, and that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel. Rumour has it that he will soon break precedent with world leaders everywhere and declare that the square root of nine is three

    by the commentator -  7 December 2017
  • Pope_in_myanmar

    Pope takes flak in Myanmar, and in the Vatican too

    Things are not looking too happy in the Holy See where Pope Francis' penchant for rubbing conservatives up the wrong way is leading to talk of a schism. In Myanmar, by contrast, he has enraged the liberal media by not visiting Rohingya refugee camps. This is a pope who tells it as he sees it, and isn't afraid to take the flak

    by Tim Hedges -  4 December 2017
  • European_commission

    EU propaganda and a frightening roadmap to federalism

    The EU has produced a frightening new report arguing for vastly greater centralisation, deeper federalism, and yet further emasculation of the democratic nation state. These people are dangerous and delusional. Brexit cannot happen fast enough

    by Daniel Huggins -  2 December 2017
  • Mohammed_bin_salman

    Saudi and Israel: A beautiful friendship in the making?

    It is exactly 40 years since the historic visit of President Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem paved the way to the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. The time is now ripe for a closer relationship, an open diplomatic one, between Saudi Arabia and Israel. This would be a breakthrough that could remake the Middle East, and help tame Iran

    by Michael Curtis - 29 November 2017
  • Irish_border

    Irish border won't be a problem if no Brexit deal

    The Irish border will not pose a problem even if there is no Brexit deal. What people fail to understand is that adopting WTO rules would only add a single line to already existing paperwork. No Brexit deal, no problem!

    by John Redwood MP - 27 November 2017
  • Robert-mugabe

    The tragedy of misrule in Zimbabwe

    Mugabe's statist misrule has brought tragedy to a country that should be booming. At the very least, Zimbabwe should copy the neighboring nation of Botswana. Ideally, it could go farther and become the Chile or Estonia of Africa

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 24 November 2017
  • Flags_latest

    Brexit budget may "surprise" on the upside

    The official forecasters, bless them, have struggled by taking too pessimistic a view of Brexit. This has impacted expectations about the UK economy. So we should not be at all shocked if there are more "surprises" on the upside as Brexit gets closer

    by John Redwood MP - 23 November 2017
  • Italy_football

    Italy languishes in crisis after footballing failure

    Former UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson said that more than anything else, what caused him to lose the 1970 general election was England having been knocked out out of the World Cup a few days before the vote (by the usual Germans). Italy's failure to reach the finals at all is causing a national crisis

    by Tim Hedges - 21 November 2017
  • Kim_jong-un

    A century of terror: Communism continues to kill

    North Korea wins the prize for practicing the purest remaining form of communism. But that’s not a prize worth winning. Unless the goal is horrific poverty and suffering. But the apologists are still with us, and they're not just on the Left

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 20 November 2017
  • Dover-port-515752

    Signs continue to show Brexit good for the economy

    The daily diet of scaremongering by the Remain camp, which has not relented even after all this time, is belied by the hard economic data which shows Brexit is going to be a great economic success

    by John Redwood MP - 15 November 2017
  • Sicily

    Politics in Italy: The Sicilian connection

    In what may foreshadow Italy's Spring general election, Sicily's recent elections were fought out between Berlusconi's centre-right and the Five Star populists of Beppe Grillo. And guess what? Berlusconi is back

    by Tim Hedges - 12 November 2017
  • 234

    It’s time to confront Britain’s late payments culture

    Ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget, Dafydd Llewellyn, MD of UK SMB at Concur, calls on British businesses to tackle the late payments crisis, allowing companies to thrive in the digtial economy, free from cashflow concerns.

    by Dafydd Llewellyn - 10 November 2017