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  • Al_quds_march

    Al Quds march of shame: Britain still wobbles on terror

    Jeremy Corbyn is well known for his old friendship with the Jew hating terrorists of Hezbollah. But blame for the shameful Al Quds march rests squarely with the Tory government whose prevarication about Islamist terror remains disturbingly resilient

    by Richard Ferrer - 13 June 2018
  • Food_and_agriculture_organisation_of_the_un

    Shabby UN outfit seeks to silence its critics

    The United Nations is in so many respects a den of corruption, riddled with careerists and cronies. The Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN is, disgracefully enough, now using antiquated Italian libel laws to try and silence its critics

    by Tim Hedges - 11 June 2018
  • Trump_and_kim

    Solving Korea: On the road to Singapore

    Trump should be applauded for making the summit with North Korea happen. His detractors need to drop their Trump Derangement Syndrome and work with the President to help secure an outcome that would be to the benefit of America and the wider world

    by Michael Curtis -  9 June 2018
  • Corbyn_and_may

    Is the Commons about to destroy Brexit?

    With Labour's position on the Brexit vote next week utterly shambolic, opportunistic, and incoherent, and the unelected (and corrupt) Lords lacking all legitimacy, it is up to members of parliament to show decency, respect democracy, and allow for the Brexit people voted for

    by Joshua King -  7 June 2018
  • House_of_commons

    Crunch time for Brexit: Time to take back control

    Will the Commons take back control, or will it seek to perpetuate the Puppet Parliament we have lived with for years? Does it understand the democratic mandate of the Referendum and the last election, or does it think the EU and its most fanatic supporters are right to ignore such votes? We must vote for a real Brexit now

    by John Redwood MP -  6 June 2018
  • Giuseppe_conte

    Italy's rule bending government a headache for Brussels

    Italy was never just going to quit the euro, not right now at least. But the new government is going to be a big headache for Brussels whose failing deep integrationist project will continue to lurch from crisis to crisis

    by Tim Hedges -  4 June 2018
  • Theresa_may

    May needs vision to deliver Brexit the people voted for

    Theresa May needs to get out of the Brexit-fudging echo chamber of her weak kneed, status quo friendly colleagues, and show real leadership to deliver the Brexit the people so clearly voted for

    by Robert Bates -  1 June 2018
  • Eu_flag_union_jack

    How Brexit can give Britain a stronger economy

    The dividend we will reap from not paying into the EU budget would provide a useful stimulus to economic growth, one of the many benefits of Brexit. We must not be bullied, and must leave the EU as fast as possible, with no deal if that is necessary

    by John Redwood MP - 30 May 2018
  • Italian_president_sergio_mattarella

    The EU's coup in Italy; a neo-authoritarian fiasco

    This is the ghastly, undemocratic face of the EU. Just as they told countries to vote again when they had got their referendums "wrong", just as they got rid of the elected Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi in 2011, now they have forbidden the chosen Italian finance minister because he is critical of the euro. Welcome to the EU's neo-authoritarian disaster in the making

    by Tim Hedges - 28 May 2018
  • Conte

    Trouble brews for Brussels with Italy's new government

    The new Italian government is highly critical of EU interference in Italy’s affairs so there will be trouble. They are also about to increase public debt by at least €100 billion. It's going to be fun and games for the crisis ridden EU

    by Tim Hedges - 23 May 2018
  • House-of-lords_2532888b

    The House of Lords is burning its own house down

    There is a long standing convention that the Lords does not ask the Commons to think again about a Bill or measure that was in the governing party’s Manifesto. In trashing that convention over Brexit and other things too, the Lords may be signing their own death warrant

    by John Redwood MP - 19 May 2018
  • Match-day-at-night

    Wembley is more than just a stadium, it is an embodiment of England

    Wembley needs to remain as the primary home of English football. For many, it is a realisation of the ‘imagined community’ of England and without it, what does England have left to call its own?

    by Luke J. Harris  - 16 May 2018
  • Flags_italy_eu

    Italy will be the EU's biggest challenge after Brexit

    The EU has expanded too far and is too inflexible. If there is no change of course, and Italy is its first big challenge after Brexit, the EU may risk unravelling

    by Tim Hedges - 14 May 2018
  • Juncker-waving

    BREXIT: This is how to negotiate with Brussels

    I have never understood why so many senior officials think we need to give in each time to the EU. Cameron's mistake was he asked for too little and settled for even less. Ultimately, we need to tell Brussels we are prepared for No Deal. Only then will they be serious

    by John Redwood MP -  9 May 2018
  • Theresa_may

    Brexit means Brexit: Mrs May, words are not enough

    Theresa May has already uttered the important words -- Brexit means Brexit. Now she needs the courage to back them up with actions, and that means putting an end to the nonsense about the customs union. It's all getting tiresome and boring. Let's just get Britain out

    by Stephen Mitchell -  7 May 2018