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  • Beate_and_serge_klarsfeld

    The Holocaust and justice in France and Germany

    In the battle against evil, roguery, and villainous men, the determination of an unlikely French and German couple to bring old Nazis to justice is an inspiration to us all. Real good is always marvellous and intoxicating

    by Michael Curtis - 20 January 2018
  • Moliere_clause

    Do you speak the language of Moliere?

    Conservative regional councils in France are forcing workers on building sites to speak French -- the so called Moliere clause. But with around 10 percent of France's population being Muslim, demography is the real language of French politics

    by Michael Curtis - 10 April 2017
  • Manbij

    France and the oppressive burkini

    The debate about Muslim swimwear in France is instructive for all of us. The burkini is an affront to the values of modern France, and the West as a whole. It is oppressive to women, and a ban is the right way forward

    by Michael Curtis - 16 August 2016
  • Kamel_daoud

    Shaking the status quo on women and Jews in Algeria

    A number of Algerian writers and journalists are creating a stir both at home and abroad by taking on some of the most controversial subjects of our age, such as Islam and the position of Jews and women. It is an example to the whole Arab world

    by Emily Boulter - 10 July 2016
  • Laurent-fabius_2487280b

    France's shaky peace proposal for the Middle East

    France may mean well in its plans for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, but Palestinian violence continues unabated even as (partly because?) the mainstream media blames Israel and whitewashes the Palestinians

    by Michael Curtis -  4 February 2016
  • Deportation_french_jews

    The French paradox and the Jews

    The French paradox: Although 76,000 Jews were deported from France, how was it that 75 percent of Jews in France managed to survive death in the Nazi era while only 20 percent in the Netherlands, and 55 percent in Belgium were able to do so?

    by Michael Curtis - 15 April 2015
  • Socialist_worker

    Lethal anti-Semitism originated on the Left

    The Marxist Left has a long and sordid history of anti-Semitism. The core belief was that Jews must cease to be Jews in order to be liberated. That has now been extended to virulent hostility to the Jewish State of Israel

    by Vincent Cooper -  2 April 2015
  • Hamas_rally_france

    French Christian decency and Hamas evil

    The story of the courageous and noble 5,000 inhabitants of the village Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in WWII stands in stark contrast to the horrors of Hamas's use of children as human shields

    by Michael Curtis - 31 July 2014
  • Hangings_nazis

    French and British heroes fight radical evil

    Hope and hatred. Brits and French. Car chases. Zyklon gas and the Holocaust. Heroes who paid with their lives. Honour to their memory, and an inspiration to all decent men and women today

    by Michael Curtis -  5 July 2014
  • Alfred-dreyfus-second-rig-005

    French ironies and the Jews

    In 1791 France served up modernity's first act of Jewish emancipation. Today it is the country of Alain Finkielkraut. Yet it is also the country of Dreyfus, wartime collaboration with the Nazis, and the contemporary anti-Semitism of the far-Right, anti-Zionists, Dieudonné, and radical Islam

    by Michael Curtis - 29 June 2014
  • God_bless_hitler

    The Guardian's problem with anti-Semitism

    Such is the Guardian's fanatical obsession with Israel that when it comes to anti-semitism, a different set of rules applies. Apparently Jewish victims of prejudice don't deserve sympathy

    by Jeremy Havardi - 17 May 2014
  • Dieudonne-quenelle

    Where free speech ends and race hate begins

    The eternal struggle between satire and censorship is a beautiful thing, but nobody has the right to provoke hatred, says Richard Ferrer, Editor of the Jewish News

    by Richard Ferrer -  7 February 2014
  • Reinhard_heydrich

    An Impossible standard: Anti-Semitic wolves and Israel

    Who could dismiss the argument that if someone wants Jews to die, there’s no question: he has to be anti-Semitic? But they no longer dress up like Reinhard Heydrich (pictured)

    by Steve Apfel -  6 January 2014
  • Anelka_gesture

    Asian immigrant's disgust at European anti-Semitism

    With soccer star Nicolas Anelka in mind, the "quenelle" gesture popularized by French "performance artist" Dieudonné says something about anti-Semitism in Europe and why it should bother us, immigrants or not

    by Vijeta Uniyal -  3 January 2014
  • French_muslims

    Sharia law advances in France. Halal in the prisons

    As France advances to a 20-50 percent Muslim country over the next few decades, it should not be surprising that Islamic law is on the march. The times they are a-changin...

    by Islamic non-Jihadist - 29 November 2013