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  • Rbs_bank

    Britain waking up after Labour bank crisis

    Britain's current problems in banking emerge of course from the previous Labour government which aided and abetted the reduction of competition on a large scale

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 18 January 2014
  • Icvxuhwozkzq

    Banking on a problem

    The Council of the European Union has adopted new bank capital requirements as internationally agreed. But once again it couldn’t resist tinkering, despite the UK’s objections

    by Simon Miller - 21 June 2013
  • Eat-the-bankers

    Protecting the UK? Don’t bank on it

    David Cameron will no doubt be ruing the Eastleigh by-election result today, but wouldn't his time would be better spent looking at the damage the EU is doing to our country?

    by Simon Miller -  1 March 2013