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    How Obama beget Trump

    As we await the reults of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, our Political Editor, Patrick Sullivan looks into how President Obama's 2012 re-election helped to make Donald Trump's 2016 election possible.

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor -  5 November 2020
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    Super Tuesday Shakeup

    With three of his former opponents throwing their support to him last night, does former Vice-President Joe Biden have the Joe-mentum to run the table in today’s Super Tuesday Primaries? Read our in-depth feature to learn more about the state of the race.

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor -  3 March 2020
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    News Around the World

    A digest of interesting articles and news stories for your perusal this morning.

    by Political News - 18 February 2020
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    News to Know

    The news you need to know for the evening of Thursday 9th January.

    by Political News -  9 January 2020
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    All we are saying is give Trump a chance

    It used to be said that American leaders campaign in poetry and govern in prose. If Donald Trump was campaigning in poetry the prose is going to be a blast. In some areas the pointers are good: Brexit and Israel, for example. On others, let's just give Trump a chance

    by the commentator - 20 January 2017
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    Obama's dismal but forgettable legacy

    Obama's legacy is dismal. What he did wrong was mainly unoriginal; what he did right was trivial. He was a president consumed with himself. His legacy is entirely forgettable

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 17 January 2017
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    The Russia question: Of Barack, Donald, and Vladimir

    There is a sense in which it is worrying that Trump seems warm towards Putin. But Obama, as in so many spheres, never had a serious policy towards Russia. One thing is clear, Washington and Moscow have an overwhelming interest in working together on a range of vital issues

    by Michael Curtis -  4 January 2017
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    Lesson 1 for Trump: Don't blame West for MidEast turmoil

    President-elect Trump, even when accounting for mistakes in policy, should forgo apologies for the general chaos and turmoil in the Middle East. Arab societies have a duty to reform themselves because most of their problems are homegrown

    by Michael Curtis - 11 November 2016
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    Good riddance, Mr. Obama

    This American writer didn't vote for either Trump or Clinton. But, after eight long, rudderless years, the narcissist Obama is thankfully, finally, on his way out. Let's hope Trump can confound the critics and do a better job

    by Taylor Dibbert - 10 November 2016
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    The Obama doctrine: Don't blame me...

    In Obama's worldview, there is plenty of blame to go around about the state of the world as long as it’s not ascribed to the current occupant of the White House. His arrogance and aloofness never cease to amaze

    by Taylor Dibbert -  6 April 2016
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    Would Obama please butt out of Brexit debate?

    Given Obama's hopeless foreign policy, you'd have thought he'd stay out of the Brexit debate. But no. He's lecturing Britain on staying in. Fine. Every time he opens his mouth he creates thousands more Brexiteers.

    by Robin Mitchinson - 23 March 2016
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    Obama on foreign policy debacle: Don't blame me

    Forget Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric on the campaign trail. What about Barack Obama's disgraceful attacks on Britain and France to try and conceal the disaster that his been his own foreign policy?

    by Michael Curtis - 15 March 2016
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    States of misunderstanding? Britain and the US

    A US Presidential contest between a buffoon and a superannuated socialist is unthinkable. Isn’t it? And what's with those insane talk show pundits. Brits just don't get America

    by Robin Mitchinson - 21 January 2016
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    Despite Obama's bragging, his economic legacy is dismal

    Which planet is Barack Obama on? He brags about his economic record. Meanwhile, the U.S. is undergoing its weakest recovery since the Great Depression. And being better than Europe is not a matter for pride

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 16 January 2016
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    Hillary Clinton’s increasingly awkward campaign

    Even leaving Hillary's awkwardness aside, the Clintons are a walking scandal machine. Essentially, this is not a couple that deserves more time in the White House, is it?

    by Taylor Dibbert - 10 October 2015