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    The "Obama Doctrine" is just misguided dithering

    Barack Obama's foreign policy is now bound to leave the world a more dangerous place than when he came to office. The so-called Obama doctrine is a manual for inaction which revolves around misguided thinking

    by Taylor Dibbert -  3 October 2015
  • Obama_with_his_grandmother_in_kenya

    Obama's legacy: Cuba, Iran, and silly, PC Brit-bashing

    Barack Obama's international legacy will come down to a probably reasonable move to reconcile with Cuba, a possibly disastrous deal with Iran, and, this side of the pond, a gratuitous history of Brit-bashing based on shallow political correctness

    by Robin Mitchinson - 26 July 2015
  • Obama_thick

    Barack Obama is shallow and frequently confused

    Obama is frequently out of his depth. He is confused and is best advised to not address matters theological. Indeed, he is equally well advised to not address anything that is the least bit complicated. His efforts to save Islam by slamming Christianity show this for all to see. At least change is on its way

    by Robin Mitchinson -  9 March 2015
  • Obama_state_of_union

    The state of the Union is not strong

    Economic growth has been anemic. Household income is down. Labour force participation is the lowest in decades. Barack Obama's legacy is dismal, and the state of the Union is not at all strong

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 22 January 2015
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    Leadership, vision, passion: who's got it?

    Having a vision is important. It gives you a compass. A political direction. Whatever else happens, and a lot happens in politics, a vision will keep you facing and moving the right way

    by Peter Botting -  1 May 2012


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