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  • Trump

    In the mind of the Trumpster

    Drastically underestimated, Donald Trump is on the verge of making history. The establishment still doesn't understand that his supporters don't so much love the Trump as despise the establishment itself

    by Robin Mitchinson -  5 June 2016
  • Bernie_sanders

    Bernie Sanders and his strange take on Israel

    Bernie Sanders, for all his fulminations about the “establishment”, political and financial, is on the Israel issue the epitome of fashionable, and sometimes bigoted, political correctness

    by Michael Curtis - 18 April 2016
  • Trump_and_clinton

    Getting the U.S. presidential race wrong

    The one thing we can say for certain about the US elections is that no-one knows anything any more, except, perhaps, that Hillary is destined to fail one way or another

    by Robin Mitchinson - 25 February 2016