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  • Flags_latest

    UK economy continues to shine after Brexit vote

    The British economy is actually growing at a solid pace, despite the dishonest reporting of many in the mainstream media following data last week. Project Fear continues to show a desperation to ignore the reality of a very successful Brexit story after last year's referendum

    by John Redwood MP - 29 April 2017
  • Tornado

    Europe needs our co-operation on defence

    The hypocrisy of denouncing Britain for daring to raise the prospect of no Brexit deal, while taking every ludicrous ultimatum from the EU as entirely natural and justified, needs to be challenged. Defence is an example where we are perfectly ready to play fair, but not at any price

    by Joseph Hackett - 16 April 2017
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    Brexit must mean no more benefit tourism

    Isn’t it enough the UK has given the EU over half a trillion pounds since we joined – only now to learn we must give away even more in benefits to migrants and their relatives who don't even live here? Brexit must mean no more benefit tourism

    by Jayne Adye - 12 April 2017
  • German_factory

    Germany buckles: Business admits it needs UK market

    In a major breakthrough for common sense, German business has admitted it stands to lose enormously if Britain quits the EU without a trade deal. Our negotiating hand has just got a lot stronger. If we play a tough game, we'll get the trade deal we want

    by the commentator -  7 April 2017
  • Theresa-may-jean-claude-juncker-brussels-693030

    No Brexit deal is better than a bad Brexit deal

    Fortunately the PM understands the strength of the UK position, and understands that No Brexit deal would work better for us than for them. The UK is making a generous set of offers. If the EU doesn't take them up, we'll be just fine

    by John Redwood MP -  5 April 2017
  • Palace-of-westminster-detail_original

    Let's all support the Great Repeal bill

    The Great Repeal Bill is a win win for all sides in the Brexit process because it means all EU law becomes British law. This means we can keep what we want and dump what we want. This is what independence feels like and we should all support it

    by John Redwood MP - 31 March 2017
  • Flags_latest

    Why Britain must play hardball in Brexit talks

    Dire warnings are coming out of Brussels as the UK triggers Article 50. But the tough talking from the EU masks a deep underlying weakness. Britain should be as tough as old boots in the Brexit talks. That way, reason will prevail soon enough

    by the commentator - 29 March 2017
  • Heseltine

    Brexit is our future, the Lords is not

    Lord Heseltine is the face of Britain's past. Brexit is the face of Britain's future. Has beens in a remote and unelected House of Lords must not be allowed to thwart the will of the British people

    by Matthew Ellery -  8 March 2017
  • Fishing

    The fishing opportunity for Brexit Britain

    Brexit is an exciting opportunity for us to reclaim our sovereignty and restore our fishing industry, taking our place alongside Norway, Iceland, and the Faroes as a regional fishing powerhouse. It's another great reason to be filled with opitimism about our post-EU future

    by Joseph Hackett -  2 March 2017
  • Corruption_demo

    A tale of two revolutions

    It was 25 years ago when Nigel Farage started out as a parliamentary candidate, taking the first steps to a very British revolution. At the same time, Italy began a revolution against corruption. One revolution succeeded, the other did not

    by Tim Hedges - 26 February 2017
  • Jean-claude_juncker

    EU countries like Italy want a smooth Brexit deal

    Having failed in the ‘we can’t go it alone’ shtick, the Remoaners’ second argument ‘we will be left high and dry by a determined, united 27’ might also be complete tosh. Italy, for one big country, is mightly concerned about all the Italians living in the UK who send money home. They'll want a smooth Brexit deal

    by Tim Hedges - 13 February 2017
  • Brexit_bill

    Everyone's coming round to Brexit

    It seems strange to recall that the House of Commons was once thought to be a major obstacle to Brexit. But as the Notification for Withdrawal Bill breezed through parliament yesterday we are reminded that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Rejoice. Brexit is on track, and it will be a great success

    by Joseph Hackett -  9 February 2017
  • Schultz_and_verhofstadt

    Brexit Britain won't be "punished"

    The EU is in no position to issue a "punishment beating" to Britain for having had the temerity to vote Brexit. Poor, deluded Eurocrats don't realise that it is they who are in last chance saloon as Britain forges a new and successful post-EU future

    by Matthew Ellery -  2 February 2017
  • Nick_clegg

    EU, Remainers smell of fear as Brexit trade deals loom

    Why does the EU and the embittered Remain camp care so much if Britain is in talks for free trade deals with the US and so many others? It's because they know Brexit was the right move, and their credibility is in tatters. They smell of fear

    by the commentator - 26 January 2017
  • Scales_of_justice_9_149443c

    Brexit goes forth after Supreme Court decision

    The Supreme Court has ruled that parliament must vote on triggering the much vaunted Article 50. In the end, Remainers are just looking forlorn now. Brexit is going ahead, and there's nothing they will be able to do to stop it

    by Matthew Ellery - 25 January 2017