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    Jobless rate falls, Project Fear fails

    The big rise in employment since the Brexit vote again raises the question of why George Osborne's Treasury forecast big job losses if we voted for Brexit and sent our Article 50 letter. Was it incompetence or were they talking down the economy deliberately? Either way, Project Fear failed

    by John Redwood MP - 18 August 2017
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    Berlusconi's come back as philosopher king

    Berlusconi is barred from standing in the next election. But he is mounting a comeback as potential king maker, and then philosopher king. Welcome to Italian politics: you can't keep the old boy down

    by Tim Hedges - 14 August 2017
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    Why Northern Ireland won't go south after Brexit

    Project Fear goes into overdrive when it comes to Northern Ireland. But there is no more prospect of a return to the Troubles than there is of the UK sinking into economic depression. Workable solutions are there for the taking. As ever, we need to ignore the scaremongers and build a successful Brexit

    by Alexander Fluza - 11 August 2017
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    Blame the EU for this airport chaos

    The chaos at some European airports is another example of incompetence and bad faith in Europe, while European airlines and Brussels are agiain showing petty mindedness on aviation policy to punish British travellers for Brexit. They will not succeed in breaking our will

    by Jayne Adye -  5 August 2017
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    Ironies and delusions of the anti-Brexit camp

    It is a cruel irony that those who are the most pro EU are the most negative about the nature and likely actions of our EU partners in negotiating a Brexit deal. They are also going to be proved wrong on this as on so much else about Brexit, since a good deal is in everybody's interests

    by John Redwood MP -  2 August 2017
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    Blair and the dangerous, unrepentant Remoaners

    Tony Blair is possibly the most reviled political figure in Britain -- on both Right and Left. But he thinks he has the right to start interfering over Brexit, hoping, above all, he can reverse it. Butt out Tony, and finally give the British people a break

    by Jack Tagholm–Child -  1 August 2017
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    Britain has beaten Continental bullies before

    As we have done before, we will push past the bullies in Europe as a truly global trading nation, and we will emerge triumphant from the Brexit negotiations by defying threats, embracing our global connections, and believing in the Great British Public

    by Alexander Fluza - 28 July 2017
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    Why Brussels will calm down about Brexit

    With Verhofstadt's and Barnier's wrecking tactics now fully exposed, and with yet another massive crisis looming over Poland, Brussels simply cannot afford a fight with Britain. Merkel and company will ensure a smooth Brexit, because they ultimately have no choice

    by the commentator - 24 July 2017
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    Trade deal offers show post-Brexit world is our oyster

    At least 35 countries have expressed an interest in a free trade deal with Brexit Britain, including the United States, Japan, and Australia. Brexit is going to be a bonanza. So drop the pessimism, and get behind it

    by Joseph Hackett - 20 July 2017
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    Dishonest Remainers struggle with Brexit successes

    The UK economy has done fine since the Brexit vote. But, as all their predictions fail, dishonest Remainers in the media and elsewhere keep shifting the goal posts. The truth is that Brexit is mainly political anyway. It is about what we do with our sovereignty when we retreive it

    by John Redwood MP - 17 July 2017
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    BREXIT: The vital importance of the Great Repeal Bill

    The Great Repeal Bill, also known as The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, is a vital step in recovering Britain's sovereignty. Opportunists and anti-democratic opponents of Brexit are therefore trying to stop it in its tracks. They must not succeed

    by Joseph Hackett - 14 July 2017
  • Cameron_and_juncker

    The senseless Remoaning Tory "sensibles"

    The anti-democratic Remainers in the Conservative Party are actually more likely to ensure that Britain leaves the EU without a deal. Their divisive tactics just mean the default position of the hardest possible Brexit is more likely to occur than not. Cameron and Hammond should be careful what they wish for

    by Alexander Fluza - 11 July 2017
  • Refugees

    EU refugee chaos continues to spiral out of control

    In defiance of everything the European Union is supposed to stand for, France and Austria have closed their borders with Italy to stop refugees. Let us remember this the next time some drivelling Europhile Remainer talks about the EU being a force for peace

    by Tim Hedges - 10 July 2017
  • Happy_dover

    Five reasons why Brexit will be fine without a deal

    Project Fear continues to spread scare stories about Brexit on a daily basis. The hysteria mainly centers on the alleged catastrophe if we leave the EU with no deal. John Redwood MP deals with five key issues which rip the Remain case to shreds

    by John Redwood MP - 30 June 2017
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    Why Italy's migrant problem has not led to terrorism

    With huge numbers of undocumented migrants from hot spot Muslim countries one might have thought Italy would have a major terrorism problem. It doesn't, and that is because it just does its intelligence, policing, and community management better, and unshackled from political correctness

    by Tim Hedges - 29 June 2017