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  • Polar_bears

    Brexit, climate change, and Project Fear

    Project Fear knows no shame, and cares little whether its claims about Brexit are bogus. Their scaremongering over climate change policy is yet another desperate campaign of dishonesty

    by Joel Casement - 15 February 2019
  • Bbc_newsroom

    Brexit and CO2: The BBC, news, and propaganda

    The BBC has two campaigns running. One is to explain why the Remain campaign was really right and should not have lost. The other is to stress the need to cut back on CO2. No wonder the public, which pays for the BBC through taxes, is now deeply cynical about mainstream media's claims to impartiality

    by Sir John Redwood MP -  6 November 2018
  • May_the_bungler

    Bungling Brexit or leading the Commonwealth?

    The Commonwealth is home to 2.4 billion people on 5 continents around the world. Member countries range from India to Canada to the Seychelles and the Bahamas. In terms of population size, GDP growth, and diversity of people and geography, the EU does not come close. If Theresa May can find the vision, we can lead the Commonwealth. The risk is, she's just going to bungle it

    by Jayne Adye - 19 October 2018
  • Brexit

    Theresa May humiliated as Brexit rally upstages Tory conference

    Empty seats define Tory conference as rival Brexit Advance conference attracts thousands of delegates in Birmingham. Boris Johnson speech set to further ruffle feathers as Brexiteers demand May's EU plan is scrapped

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor -  2 October 2018
  • S

    Tory Party conference is now for the corporations, not its constitutents

    This week Brexit Advance, an alternative to Tory conference, is taking place against the back drop of increasing unrest amongst rank and file Conservatives with the unpopular Chequers deal being pushed by the Prime Minister. Conference organisers have said that the aim of the conference is to make the Case for Conservatism, which the current leadership of the Conservative Party is losing sight of, argues Patrick Sullivan, CEO of Parliament Street

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor -  1 October 2018