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  • London_school_of_economics

    Brexit and student fees: Let equality rule

    Uproar and indignation is the response of many student organisations and their supporters at the potential change in fees for EU and non-EU foreign students after Brexit. But this is about equality. Why should Indians or Nigerians pay more than Germans or Czechs?

    by Joel Casement - 17 May 2019
  • May_and_tusk

    May must resign in the name of Brexit, and do so now

    When people talk of chaos over Brexit they should understand that this is what happens when we let a Remainer like Theresa May lead us out of the EU. It is abundantly clear that May has led us not out of the EU but down the garden path. She must resign immediately

    by Alasdair Dow - 12 April 2019
  • Polar_bears

    Brexit, climate change, and Project Fear

    Project Fear knows no shame, and cares little whether its claims about Brexit are bogus. Their scaremongering over climate change policy is yet another desperate campaign of dishonesty

    by Joel Casement - 15 February 2019
  • Treasury

    The Treasury is the real threat to Brexit

    Chancellor Philip Hammond is playing a murky game, underming the chances of a real and true Brexit from Number 11 Downing Street. The false prophets of Project Fear need to be rebuffed. Kick Hammond out, and get Brexit accomplished without delay

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie -  7 February 2019
  • Liam_fox

    Bad Blood: In Davos, it’s Osborne Vs Fox

    Secretary of State for International Trade Dr. Liam Fox MP has been working like a Trojan, trying to sell Britain, Britain’s industry and Britain’s ingenuity, to foreign nations and global financial leaders alike during this week’s global economic forum in Davos.

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor - 23 January 2019
  • Tim-gouw-68319-unsplash

    One third of cash-strapped workers seeking a second job

    GettaSub report calls on HR directors and business leaders to offer more support for hard-pressed workers as polling reveals one third of employees are seeking a second job to make ends meet

    by News Reporter - 21 January 2019