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  • Mohammed

    Why do we refer to the "Prophet Mohammed"? Do we say: "Our Saviour Jesus Christ"?

    We've all made the mistake, which may be very telling. But why do we non-Muslims persist in referring to the, "Prophet Mohammed"? Do our journalists and politicians, let alone Muslims, refer to "Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ"? Is this what they call: "Dhimmitude"?

    by Scourge of PC -  8 January 2015
  • Je_suis_charlie

    Je suis Charlie. Really?

    After the slaughter in Paris it's now become all the rage to say: Je suis Charlie, in an apparent show of solidarity. But the Islamist threat is not simply one to carry out criminal acts, it is one of continuing war against the West. From the US to Europe, do our leaders really get that?

    by Michael Curtis -  8 January 2015
  • Paris_demo

    Charlie Hebdo massacre. The price of Western cowardice?

    The slaughter of French journalists at Charlie Hebdo by Islamist fanatics should shock everyone but surprise no-one. Things have been heading this way for years. The Islamists have got the message that our leaders are weak and that their commitment to free speech is meaningless piffle. UPDATE: See below as the dissemblers enter the fray

    by the commentator -  7 January 2015


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