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  • Roger-bacon

    Is the West worth saving?

    Let the enemies of the West do their worst: one day soon, the lion will roar and the eagle will soar. Wishful thinking? Just remember that the greatest achievements of the West have often emerged from periods of chaos. It ain't over yet

    by Daniel Johnson - 27 December 2014
  • Thatcher_v_sign

    The roots of our Western angst

    There is nothing so paralysing as a fear borne of fatalism. When our power, as at all our greatest moments, is generated primarily by a confidence in our values, then the failure any longer to believe in those values is capable of shutting us down

    by Robin Shepherd, Owner / Publisher - 17 December 2013
  • Bd56b80258bb333572898e7ab133a4330c61e87d

    Monbiot v Chomsky: Left v Truth

    There is nothing but despair in Chomsky-style communism and collectivism; Monbiot is somewhere in the middle and deserves our pity for wanting to believe

    by Charles Crawford - 22 May 2012