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    A Day That Will Live In Infamy

    Cllr. Dr. Peter Hill argues that the government lost faith with the British people this week. With the present crop of Tory MPs not fit for purpose - it is time to build a UK Tea Party to root out and replace the rotten apples.

    by Dr. Peter Hill - 27 February 2019
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    Tory Party conference is now for the corporations, not its constitutents

    This week Brexit Advance, an alternative to Tory conference, is taking place against the back drop of increasing unrest amongst rank and file Conservatives with the unpopular Chequers deal being pushed by the Prime Minister. Conference organisers have said that the aim of the conference is to make the Case for Conservatism, which the current leadership of the Conservative Party is losing sight of, argues Patrick Sullivan, CEO of Parliament Street

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor -  1 October 2018
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    It’s time to stop burying Conservative principles

    By burying the principles of Conservatism over the past decade, our party has allowed itself to be tarnished by the opposition as selfish, greedy, and mean. We need to proudly make a positive case for Conservatism and win the battle of ideas, otherwise we will lose power completely

    by Clare George-Hilley - 23 July 2017
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    Why libertarians both hate and mock big government

    Using anti-terrorism laws to enforce television licences in Britain and a US tax code that started out 2 pages long and is now 75,000 pages long are just 2 reasons why libertarians loathe big government

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  8 November 2014
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    Conservatives should listen to grassroots, but warily

    Activists of any party (democratic or otherwise) can be the most committed, smartest and most helpful of allies. But among them there are also blinkered dogmatists and a fair smattering of narcissists who harm the cause they claim to support

    by Robin Shepherd, Owner / Publisher - 14 January 2014
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    Cameron is losing this civil war

    So far we have seen little to suggest that Mr Cameron has what it takes to win back the trust of real Conservatives, to reunite the Party under with a clear vision, or win the next election

    by Miles Windsor - 24 May 2013