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    David Davis must step forward

    David Davis has an opporutnity to transform the fortunes of the Conservative Party and deliver the Brexit that the British people voted for, his time is now

    by Patrick Sullivan - 27 October 2018
  • Theresa-may1

    Enough is enough: The case against Theresa May

    The last time the Tory Party was this divided was in 1846 when the Peel administration pushed through the repeal of the Corn Laws and was swept out of office by a backbench rebellion. Leading that rebellion was a relative newcomer to the Conservative benches in the House of Commons, one Benjamin Disraeli, argues Patrick Sullivan

    by Patrick Sullivan - 27 October 2018
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    Tory Party conference is now for the corporations, not its constitutents

    This week Brexit Advance, an alternative to Tory conference, is taking place against the back drop of increasing unrest amongst rank and file Conservatives with the unpopular Chequers deal being pushed by the Prime Minister. Conference organisers have said that the aim of the conference is to make the Case for Conservatism, which the current leadership of the Conservative Party is losing sight of, argues Patrick Sullivan, CEO of Parliament Street

    by Patrick Sullivan -  1 October 2018
  • Treet

    It’s time to stop burying Conservative principles

    By burying the principles of Conservatism over the past decade, our party has allowed itself to be tarnished by the opposition as selfish, greedy, and mean. We need to proudly make a positive case for Conservatism and win the battle of ideas, otherwise we will lose power completely

    by Clare George-Hilley - 23 July 2017
  • Liam-fox

    Liam Fox will NOT stand aside for Theresa May in Tory leadership race

    Sources close to the former defence secretary have rejected The Sun's story suggesting Liam Fox will drop out of the leadership race in favour of Home Secretary Theresa May

    by Steven George-Hilley - 29 June 2016
  • Liam_fox

    Only Liam Fox can unite Conservatives and country

    Britain is changing. Our country is preparing to leave the EU. Millions of working class voters feel neglected and ignored on everything from job creation to immigration. Never has a Conservative leadership election been so vital for the future of the party, and the country. Liam Fox is the right man for the job

    by Steven George-Hilley - 28 June 2016
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    Liam Fox overtakes Theresa May in Tory leadership poll

    Conservative Home survey puts George Osborne top, and former Defence Secretary Liam Fox fourth in line to succeed David Cameron, overtaking Home Secretary Theresa May as Tory leadership speculation hots up

    by the commentator -  4 August 2015