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  • Cameron_finger

    Well, what now for Dave? Time to make good

    The Tories are likely to get an unanticipated honeymoon period; possibly for the first time ever none of the main opposition parties has a leader in the Commons. But from domestic to foreign policy there's a huge gap to fill. Can Dave do it? Hold on to your seats...

    by Robin Mitchinson - 14 May 2015
  • Ken's_britain

    Labour lost because it wasn't Left enough. Right? Wrong!

    Red Ken Livingstone represents an unending thread of Leftist (brain-dead) thinking -- not alien to the BBC and the Guardian -- which says the real reason Labour got slaughtered was because they weren't Left-wing enough. Oh dear, oh dear...

    by Andrew Gibson - 12 May 2015
  • Cameron_latest

    Will new Tory govt fudge the constitutional challenges?

    The first Cameron administration was about the economy, the second is about our constitutional arrangements: Scotland, Europe, and our failed electoral system. Will Cameron fudge the lot, or will he rise to these enormous challenges?

    by the commentator -  8 May 2015
  • Cameron_versus_miliband

    Thursday's choice: A Conservative win, or a bust Britain

    Ed Miliband would bust an economy that Cameron has rescued. A Labour win would be a disaster for Britain. UKIP voters (and even LibDems) will have to vote tactically to keep this country afloat, and keep Miliband out of Number 10. That's how it all breaks down on May 7

    by the commentator -  6 May 2015
  • Leaders_latest

    Cameron won leaders' discussion, Miliband got slaughtered, but where was Farage?

    No doubt Cameron won the battle for credibility in Thursday's half-baked leaders' discussion. He did very well, and Milband was so bad it was almost funny. He blew it, and may never recover from the Yorkshire drubbing. But where the heck was Nigel Farage?

    by Westminster shrink - 30 April 2015
  • State_of_a_nation

    Britain's shambolic election

    The major parties offer a fresh bribe each day. They are now cross-dressing with Dave chanting the socialist mantra of welfare from the cradle to the grave, and Ed calling on assistance from old Auntie Prudence. As for a Labour/SNP government, it's too awful to contemplate. Help!

    by Robin Mitchinson - 23 April 2015
  • Thinker-close

    TV Debate: Cameron loses, Farage wins, Thick Britain reigns

    The disgrace of Cameron disrespecting the British people by not turning up for the election debate was a gift to Nigel Farage. The Left populists were what they were. The MSM didn't get the point that we're fed up with garbage-level debate. It was a panorama of Thick Britain, and the BBC loved its far-Left audience

    by the commentator - 16 April 2015
  • Juncker_sly

    Juncker drops EU renegotiation bombshell on Cameron

    It shouldn't really surprise anyone, but it's a bombshell for David Cameron in the middle of the election campaign. Unelected EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker makes clear no treaty changes are even possible until 2019 -- two years after the planned referendum. Serious EU renegotiation has now been flatly ruled out

    by Luke Stanley - 16 April 2015
  • Right_to_buy

    Cameron's right-to-buy is not quite Maggie's

    The yearning for property ownership is deeply embedded in the British soul. So the Conservatives are definitely onto something in announcing a new right to buy. But the main difference between the Thatcher policy and Cameron’s is that hers was principled. His is opportunistic

    by Robin Mitchinson - 16 April 2015
  • Obama_in_church

    Obama’s ‘Christianity’: A political tool to silence Christians

    For all his faults on the subject, at least British Prime Minister David Cameron has talked about Christian persecution in the Muslim world. Barack Obama actually uses and abuses Christianity to shut down the discussion altogether. What a disastrous failure of leadership

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 15 April 2015
  • Leaders_debate_latest

    Leaders' Debate: The very unmagnificent seven

    The abysmal leaders' debate was a product of our abysmal politics. Four of the seven leaders were Left-populists; one was a Left-totalitarian; Farage was a total one trick pony on immigration; Cameron looked as though he didn't want to be there, which of course he didn't. What a fiasco British politics now is

    by the commentator -  3 April 2015
  • 2e3f4b0f-f8db-4aae-8e61-42affc16f61a-bestsizeavailable

    Ed Miliband's indecent SNP proposal

    The Labour leader betrayed his own brother, tore his family apart and has an arrogant disdain for British businesses. His latest plot to team up with the Scottish National Party is entirely fitting with his lack of character and is another reminder why he is not fit to be Prime Minster of this great country.

    by Steven George-Hilley - 11 March 2015
  • Mad_miliband

    That sinking feeling: Ed Miliband as Britain's next PM

    It's all very depressing to anyone who is appalled at the prospect of a populist loser like Ed Miliband as our next prime minister. But if Cameron doesn't do a U-turn on the leadership debates, in less than two months, that's what will happen. Bring out the benzos...

    by the commentator - 11 March 2015
  • Chicken_dave_cameron

    Cameron will be a lamb to the slaughter if he shirks televised debates

    Ed Miliband is running a campaign of blatant vote buying. He offers everything to everyone. But his reckless populism won't be exposed unless Cameron drops this insane reluctance to get involved in leadership debates. Grow some cojones Dave!

    by Westminster shrink -  6 March 2015
  • Leadership_debates

    Leaders debates: the old politics runs away from the new

    The old guard, in the media and the public too, will raise a cynical smile about the shambolic row over the leadership debates: "Well, this is politics. It's dirty. Get over it." But why should we get over it? We're sick of the old politics, let's have something new

    by the commentator -  5 March 2015


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