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    Education and the Coronavirus: A Farewell to Schooling?

    Dr. Sean Gabb hails the decline of a schooling system that has never been suited to the needs and wants of a free people.

    by Dr. Sean Gabb - 23 August 2020
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    The Libertarian Case for Universal Basic Income

    Former Director of the Libertarian Alliance, Dr. Sean Gabb explains why he thinks moving to a system of Universal Basic Income would be no bad thing.

    by Dr. Sean Gabb - 21 August 2020
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    A marketplace for ideas.

    Senior Academic, Dr. Sean Gabb argues that the coronavirus has pressed fast-forward on developments in Higher Education which will make the marketplace of ideas exist within the real marketplace. This will make education increasingly student centric and allow for a greater diversity of ideas to replace the current groupthink which dominates in our universities.

    by Dr. Sean Gabb -  8 April 2020