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  • Miliband_wave

    Ed’s cognitive dissonance

    As Special Adviser to Brown (1997-2002), an MP from 2005, a minister from 2006 and a Cabinet minister from 2007, Ed Miliband’s hand is well and truly dipped in the blood of the financial catastrophe Labour presided over. Expect a return to old ways if Labour wins on Thursday

    by Andrew Gibson -  5 May 2015
  • Ambulance_nhs

    Will we ever get a grown up debate about the NHS?

    As the NHS takes centre stage in the general election campaign one despairs of the quality of debate. Why oh why can Britons not accept that there's a reason the UK's state-dominated health service is emphatically not the envy of the world?

    by the commentator -  7 January 2015
  • Stafford-hospital

    Labour's dangerous games on the NHS

    Populist and opportunistic to the core, Labour is playing a dishonest and dangerous game with the NHS that could easily backfire on them. Their running of the NHS has been worse than the government's

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 22 October 2014
  • Miliband_latest

    Labour's plan for us all to be equally poor

    Labour is a bad joke. Miliband’s speech summed it all up. Please don’t mention the deficit. Pease, please don’t mention immigration. The EU is just fine, and those open borders have to be accepted. Can we let them into power?

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 25 September 2014
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    One nation under Ed

    For once, Ed Miliband will have the sound of praise ringing in his ears. But it may be the only chance he'll get to wing it, writes our UK Political Editor Harry Cole

    by Harry Cole -  2 October 2012