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  • Ed_balls

    Forget the bacon butty, Ed Miliband has had his chips

    Labour lost this election the moment they elected Ed Miliband as their leader. The bacon sandwich incident, the weird mannerisms and bizarre and confusing policies are just the finale of Labour’s greatest mistake for a generation

    by Steven George-Hilley -  1 February 2015
  • Miliband_pm

    Ed and NHS cynicism? Unfit to govern, but probably will

    Labour's cynical weaponisation of the NHS to frighten vulnerable people into voting for them shows they are not fit to govern the country. Usually, assuming voters are brain dead is a bad idea, but due to our broken electoral system Miliband is still favourite to become PM

    by the commentator - 29 January 2015
  • Dan_jarvis

    Labour needs a new leader. How about this?

    The country is crying out for a different sort of politician and especially for a different sort of leader. It craves for a PM of principle; a conviction politician who is not led by the focus groups or the Red Tops’ headlines. Perhaps Labour has got one. Clue: He's not Ed Miliband

    by Robin Mitchinson - 28 January 2015
  • Miliband7

    Weird Ed isn't so weird - and why that doesn't even matter

    Whilst they may not like it, the Tories may need to learn a thing or two about 'weird Ed'. No amount of harking on about the bacon sandwich incident can endear them to the voters that their policies have neglected and exploited for the last 4 years, says Kate Baldwin

    by Kate Baldwin - 20 December 2014
  • Miliband_last_supper

    Ed Miliband’s Last Supper

    Swap the biblical bread for a bacon sandwich, and switch Judas for Jason Cowley, editor of The New Statesman, and many people will see why this week sealed the fate of Labour’s lacklustre leader. But Ed Miliband doesn't deserve the analogy. He's a walking disaster

    by Steven George-Hilley -  7 November 2014
  • Miliband7

    Calamity Miliband’s comedy press office

    If you can’t trust the Labour Party with the facts, how the hell can you trust it with the economy?

    by Steven George-Hilley -  1 July 2014