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    TechBrunch: Steven George-Hilley founder of Centropy PR

    In the first of a new series of interviews with business entrepreneurs and start-up founders, The Commentator caught up with Steven George-Hilley, founder of communications agency Centropy PR to discuss what challenges new businesses are facing as Britain prepares for Brexit

    by the commentator - 16 October 2017
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    Workers will do better under a dynamic, entrepreneurial economy

    Our past tells us that a cluster of talent, skill and competition can work. The Potteries became the centre for ceramics, and the North East the centre for shipbuilding and steel . Now the Thames Valley has a useful cluster in hi tec industries, and London in financial and business services

    by John Redwood MP - 27 October 2013
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    The Capitalist as hero: The virtue of Walmart

    We should reflect on the beauty of a capitalist system which allows a man like Sam Walton to go from humble beginnings and create huge value for the world through employment, lower prices and more choices

    by Guy Bentley - 29 March 2013