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    Chinese oppression spreads, danger lurks

    China is increasingly turning away from global norms and by extension is heading down a path of more insularity. China is more illiberal, more capricious, and more repressive than at any time since at least the Tiananmen Square massacre, in 1989. Danger here. Democracies in Asia and beyond should take note

    by Michael Auslin -  3 May 2016
  • Sprat_islands

    Obama weakness may result in US-China confrontation

    East Asia now stands close to a precipice. China figures the US is too distracted or uninterested to care about its expansion. They may be right. But the world may pay a very heavy price for this. The prospect of armed confrontation between the US and China has just dramatically increased. Here's why...

    by Michael Auslin -  7 June 2015
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    The EU is going to war with China...over solar panels

    Unlike the Opium Wars, the current trade war involving China may lead to a rather nasty defeat on EU soil

    by David Atherton  - 10 June 2013