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  • Cameron_latest

    Cameron’s EU deal is legal piffle

    Cameron is running scared of the European Court overruling his deal. He’s running scared of the European Parliament voting his deal down. And he’s running scared of a public outcry when people realise just how inconsequential his renegotiation deal really is. Let's get Britain out

    by Matthew Ellery - 11 March 2016
  • Barroso_and_netanyahu

    Europe's love-hate relationship with Israel?

    Europe loves Israel's high-tech economy, but hates its nature as a Jewish state that won't yield to international efforts to undermine its very existence. Europe is conflicted about the Jews, as it always has been, argues the Director of Christian Middle East Watch

    by Nick Gray - 19 December 2013
  • Border_2

    A grown up discussion about immigration?

    Even to talk about immigration was once to be accused of racism. But can we be a little more mature, these days?

    by Simon Miller -  5 July 2013