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  • Brexit_flags

    "We Can’t Leave the EU” myth debunked

    It is not surprising that many people are cynical about the EU and whether it might respect an Out vote by Britain in a referendum. But it is just a myth that the Lisbon Treaty would prevent us from doing so. Rest assured, we can, and should

    by Alan Murad - 22 May 2015
  • Cameron_with_flag

    As of now, chances are Cameron will lose EU referendum

    As things stand, the energy of the Out camp will trump the scaremongering of the In camp in Referendum 2017. When David Cameron returns empty-handed from Latvia, the first decisive moves towards Brexit may have already begun

    by the commentator - 22 May 2015
  • Juncker_latest

    What kind of a renegotiation do we want with the EU?

    I have one simple requirement for the negotiation of a new relationship with the EU. I wish to restore the sovereignty of UK voters, so that their UK Parliament can make the important decisions they want, says John Redwood MP

    by John Redwood MP - 18 May 2015
  • Clegg_and_eu

    Anti-democratic europhile stance helped destroy LibDems

    There were many reasons for the Lib Dem meltdown at the election, but their outrageously anti-democratic stance on the EU was a big one. On that issue they showed they were neither liberal nor democratic, and voters punished them for it

    by Luke Stanley - 10 May 2015
  • Juncker_buffoon

    What happened to true Euroscepticism?

    Extending the period before EU migrants can claim benefits, and abolishing child benefit for offspring living in other EU countries are not serious strategies to calm concerns in Britain against our EU membership. We have to get Britain out. But who to vote for this election?

    by Alan Murad -  3 May 2015
  • Uk_eu_flag

    If you care about the EU this election, vote Conservative

    This will drive UKIP supporters up the wall. But the electoral maths, the nature of our system, and the positions of the major parties come together like this: If more British independence from the EU is a priority for you, you've got to vote Conservative on May 7

    by John Redwood MP -  2 May 2015
  • Sturgeon_and_wood

    Pro-EU SNP and Plaid aim to destroy UK but lose independence

    The pro-EU SNP and Plaid Cymru want to break up Britain and cause havoc with Labour on the way. But don't for a second think they want real self-determination. If they did, they wouldn't be planning to turn Scotland and Wales into client states of Brussels. It's just an anti-English crusade

    by Luke Stanley -  1 May 2015
  • Eu_mortgage

    Crazy EU Directive attacks UK home owners

    The latest crazy move from Brussels will cost many mortgage holders thousands. It's another piece of crushing evidence that the only way Britain can get a fair deal is by quitting the EU as soon as humanly possible

    by Luke Stanley - 23 April 2015
  • Migrants_drowning

    Drowned migrants, asylum, and European democracy

    Europe’s asylum policies are largely to blame for illegal migrants risking everything to reach Europe. Migrants know that Europe’s asylum rules are gameable, and that all they need to do is get to Europe to be in with a chance. EU immigration ideology is now a deadly disaster

    by Vincent Cooper - 20 April 2015
  • Juncker_sly

    Juncker drops EU renegotiation bombshell on Cameron

    It shouldn't really surprise anyone, but it's a bombshell for David Cameron in the middle of the election campaign. Unelected EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker makes clear no treaty changes are even possible until 2019 -- two years after the planned referendum. Serious EU renegotiation has now been flatly ruled out

    by Luke Stanley - 16 April 2015
  • Tampons

    Of UKIP, Tories and the EU's tampon tax

    Astoundingly, but tellingly, the male dominated EU bureaucracy thinks of tampons as a luxury item. In any event, the famous tampon tax can't be abolished unless we quit the EU, which we should do as soon as possible

    by Alan Murad - 15 April 2015
  • Bafta

    EU to switch off British film Industry

    The fanatics in the European Commission now have their sights set on the UK television, film and music industries. They want to destroy them in the name of creating a pan-European identity. Same game, different day. We've got to get Britain out of the EU as soon as possible

    by Luke Stanley -  8 April 2015
  • Eu-flag

    The relentless march to a more united Europe

    French and German ambitions combine with the ever worsening Greek crisis to confirm that the Euro is driving relentlessly the process of political union for its members. The UK needs to renegotiate and then hold a referendum on EU membership. Only Conservatives can offer that

    by John Redwood MP -  4 April 2015
  • Jean-claude-juncker_playing_the_fool

    Juncker's programme to demolish Britain

    The EU sees every crisis as an opportunity to advance their main aim -- a United States of Europe. Jean-Claude Juncker's so-called Work Programme is just another hypocritical plan to abolish sovereignty. We need to get Britain out as soon as possible

    by Alan Murad -  2 April 2015
  • Cider

    EU presses our cider producers

    If Brussels wanted to show further evidence of its arrogance and contempt for Britain, it couldn't have thought up a dafter scheme than to try and destroy our rights to help our small cider makers. We must get Britain out of the EU, and right now stop this unfolding disaster

    by Luke Stanley - 23 March 2015


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