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    Time to leave: British Labour grandee informs countryfolk

    It is increasingly likely that by 2015 Britain will have a left-wing government with an undiminished appetite for people-harming experiments that are imposed in an arbitrary way. The flooding of Somerset is just the beginning

    by Tom Gallagher -  3 February 2014
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    Morality tales are so taxing

    It’s been a taxing time for Jimmy Carr but it is a reflection of a more general hypocrisy over the poor and taxation from the left rather than a morality tale

    by Simon Miller - 22 June 2012
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    Wielding Britannia’s dented shield

    The false dichotomy between “advancing British interests” and “advancing human rights” was in evidence again at the Labour Party Conference last night. It’s time to craft a British foreign policy in the service of both.

    by George Grant - 27 September 2011