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    Tally-ho, Tony Blair

    Tony Blair was at least right about one thing: fox hunting is thriving. This is great for all of us. Foxes may seem cute and cuddly to the urban idiots who feed them, but not to the poultry farmer who finds that a fox in the henhouse has killed the entire flock

    by Robin Mitchinson - 20 February 2015
  • Fox_hunt

    Labour's Hunting Act remains a complete farce

    Hunters, after centuries of freely embracing the countryside with horse and hound, suddenly became the centre of abuse not just from militant animal rights groups, but uninformed Westminster know-it-alls comprising MPs from virtually all of Labour, the Lib-Dems and, sadly, a few Conservatives. Let's scrap it

    by Mo Metcalf-Fisher  - 29 December 2014
  • Paradeofhounds1

    Conservatives to lift the ban on fox hunting

    The foxhunting ban could be lifted if the Conservatives win a majority next year, according to reports

    by the commentator - 26 December 2014
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    PMQs: Calm down, Dave!

    Miliband stank, and handed Dave a 1-0 victory. But again Dave showed too much Flashman and not enough statesman

    by Prime Minister's Questions -  9 January 2013
  • Gay-wedding

    Gay marriage needs time for planning

    Gay marriage has to be thought out and planned like the best weddings, to make sure we don’t end up with bad law

    by Nic Conner -  7 January 2013


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