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  • Beate_and_serge_klarsfeld

    The Holocaust and justice in France and Germany

    In the battle against evil, roguery, and villainous men, the determination of an unlikely French and German couple to bring old Nazis to justice is an inspiration to us all. Real good is always marvellous and intoxicating

    by Michael Curtis - 20 January 2018
  • Macron

    There's something wrong with President Macron

    Is Emmanuel Macron, possibly with Italy's Matteo Renzi, the future of Europe?Doesn't seem likely. The problems of Europe are too deeply set, and there's no real imagination to put things right

    by Tim Hedges - 15 May 2017
  • Macron_victory

    Frexit in a decade? The real warning from France

    The real story of France's elections for the European project is that mass opposition to the EU is now right at the heart of the French political agenda. France is probably where Britain was a decade ago. Frexit in 10 years, anyone?

    by the commentator -  8 May 2017
  • French_elections

    Whoever wins French elections, France is in decline

    Among the major countries on the continent, France is the economic sick man of Europe. Le Pen is considered on the right solely because of her immigration policies. Economically, she's is very much on the Left. France shows how bad things get when the state snowballs out of control. The election will likely change nothing

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 22 April 2017
  • Moliere_clause

    Do you speak the language of Moliere?

    Conservative regional councils in France are forcing workers on building sites to speak French -- the so called Moliere clause. But with around 10 percent of France's population being Muslim, demography is the real language of French politics

    by Michael Curtis - 10 April 2017
  • Manbij

    France and the oppressive burkini

    The debate about Muslim swimwear in France is instructive for all of us. The burkini is an affront to the values of modern France, and the West as a whole. It is oppressive to women, and a ban is the right way forward

    by Michael Curtis - 16 August 2016
  • Laurent-fabius_2487280b

    France's shaky peace proposal for the Middle East

    France may mean well in its plans for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, but Palestinian violence continues unabated even as (partly because?) the mainstream media blames Israel and whitewashes the Palestinians

    by Michael Curtis -  4 February 2016
  • Francois-hollande-affair-453851

    France gets priorities right in war against Islamist terror

    The West must mobilize pop culture to overcome ISIS. The question is whether young Muslims can overcome their possible cultural alienation in Western countries, particularly France, with the largest Muslim population in Europe. But France is now taking the lead of the free world...

    by Michael Curtis - 25 November 2015
  • Isis

    We either destroy Islamic State or die

    Like the rise of the Nazis, the Islamic State is a manifestation of pure human evil that we have a moral duty to destroy. Since the sabotaged Syria vote, courtesy of Ed Miliband and his Labour colleagues, Britain has become a spectator sitting by and watching wickedness and savagery beyond belief. This must change

    by Clare George-Hilley - 22 November 2015