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  • Ban_ki_moon_latest

    UN guilt and Hamas war crimes

    Even the UN has now admitted that its buildings and schools were used by Hamas to fire rockets at Israeli civilians during last year's Gaza operation. But the mainstream media and many UN institutions like UNRWA still play a very dishonest game against Israel, and in favour of terrorists

    by Michael Curtis -  2 May 2015
  • Hamas-rockets

    Is Europe about to give in to Hamas terror?

    The institutions of Europe are mired in confusion about Hamas in particular and terrorism in general. A new ruling from a top European court could pave the way for the legitimisation of Hamas -- as many European politicians want -- unless decisive action is now taken

    by Michael Curtis - 21 December 2014
  • Suha_arafat

    Amnesty International should listen to Mrs. Arafat

    Amnesty International has launched yet another foaming-at-the-mouth attack against Israel in a report showing either that they don't care about Islamic terrorism or are simply ignorant about it

    by Michael Curtis - 17 December 2014
  • Hamas_murder

    How the West mocks its own anti-terrorism narrative

    In Hamas, Israel faces a similarly repellent terrorist organisation as Islamic State, imbued with the same level of fanaticism and savagery. But the West refuses to see that reality, making a mockery of its own anti-terrorist narrative

    by Jeremy Havardi -  5 October 2014
  • Idf_in_gaza_latest

    ISIS, Hamas, and the lessons to learn from Israel

    While there have been no reported Hamas beheadings of journalists, the similarities between Hamas and ISIS are blindingly clear. Astonishingly, the West still refuses to learn its lessons from Israel

    by Noah Beck - 30 September 2014
  • Gaza_destruction

    The bloodthirsty Hamas lion that did not roar

    Hamas's leader Khalid Meshaal, living in luxury in Qatar, showed himself to be an abject coward during the latest Gaza war. Meshaal interprets every military loss by Hamas as a victory because Gazans are just pawns in his bloodthirsty game

    by Michael Curtis -  6 September 2014
  • Hamas-rockets

    New poll shows "unprecedented" surge in Palestinian support for Hamas and its methods

    Latest Palestinian poll shows Hamas would win presidential and parliamentary elections, with majority in West Bank wanting to emulate Hamas's "armed struggle" against Israelis

    by the commentator -  4 September 2014
  • Khaled-meshaal

    Comparing crimes against humanity: Hamas and ISIS

    The evil of ISIS and Hamas is remarkably similar. Yet the United Nations is motivated by such hatred of Israel that it cannot abide by basic standards of decency. As Primo Levi recounted about the Nazis, there is no "why"

    by Michael Curtis -  1 September 2014
  • Hamas_and_isis

    The West must defeat both ISIS and Hamas

    While the West now recognizes the seriousness of the Islamist threat, its leaders still don't understand that the menace is not simply ISIS and the so-called Caliphate state, but is embodied in other Islamist groups. The most blatant is Hamas with its mission to kill all Jews and destroy Israel

    by Michael Curtis - 25 August 2014
  • Shark_attack

    Sharks and Islamists: equally misunderstood?

    Sharkophobia and Islamophobia are equally absurd diversions. The prevalent theme is it’s not the shark’s fault that it attacked someone. Rather, humans are responsible for entering the shark’s domain, the ocean. Sound familiar?

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 24 August 2014
  • Hamas_summer_camp

    ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and Western delusions

    With a new report in mind, the startling delusions of top British diplomats about the Muslim Brotherhood mirror wider Western denial about the nexus between Hamas and ISIS, and the Islamist threat generally

    by Michael Curtis - 22 August 2014
  • Isis-iraq

    Hamas sends a love letter to ISIS (with 10 tips)

    Hamas and ISIS are birds of a feather, but the Western political class and media have very different approaches to them. Here, Hamas offers some friendly advice to ISIS on how to wrap the West around their little finger

    by Noah Beck - 20 August 2014
  • Kill_the_jews

    Freezing Hamas out of Gaza is the only hope for its future

    Even in spite of all the shocking bias and misreporting from Gaza, it may now be dawning on many in the West, playing catch-up with much of the Arab world, that Hamas, like ISIS, simply has to go

    by Nick Gray - 19 August 2014
  • Tricycle_theatre

    Protest and the message about Hamas

    Events in London show protest works against the Israel haters. But the main message must get through: If Hamas stopped firing there would be peace; if Israel stopped firing it would be eliminated

    by Michael Curtis - 18 August 2014
  • Hamas_triumphant

    Has the West made the next Gaza war inevitable?

    Hamas’s greatest strategic asset is that large segments of the press, political class, NGO community as well as the UN will effectively side with them. That makes the next war all the more likely, and encourages more Hamas-inspired carnage

    by Trevor Norwitz - 17 August 2014