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    International Women's Day: We can Brexit

    Today’s celebrations are about the achievements of women all over the world. In many cases, these liberties and successes have been hard fought against incredible odds. Our next big challenge is to get Britain building a brighter, global future. With one voice it’s time to say “We can Brexit!”

    by Clare George-Hilley -  8 March 2016
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    Women in Italy

    In northern Europe the proportion of women who work is around two-thirds. In Italy it is less than half and in the south of the country it is not much more than one third. There's a long way to go, but you should see how it used to be. Some incredible stories

    by Tim Hedges -  9 March 2015
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    Celebrating International Women’s Day is not enough

    Since 1911 International Women's Day has marked the economic, political and social achievements of women from around the world. But celebration alone is not enough, much more needs to be done to break down the barriers which are holding women back. This year’s theme is ‘make it happen’ and is a fitting reminder that we all have our part to play to tackle injustice and inequality in whatever form it takes, in any part of the world

    by Clare George-Hilley -  8 March 2015
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    The libertarian case for International Women’s Day

    Last Friday was International Women’s Day. Many conservatives – and some libertarians – simply dismissed the whole thing. They shouldn't be so hasty

    by Nicholas Rogers - 15 March 2013