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  • The_mau_mau_cover_up

    Foreign aid, and post-colonial guilt gone mad

    Post-colonial guilt is alive and well, and via Britain's absurd foreign aid budget the UK is now about to pay, literally, for alleged crimes that it just didn't commit. Try saying that out loud in front of a Guardian reader/ Foreign Office official

    by Robin Mitchinson -  9 June 2015
  • Cameron_aid_picture_latest

    Foreign aid: David Cameron's cunning plan

    There is a tale about two African Presidents. The host showed his guest a new freeway which finished in a dead end. ‘Why did you build a road to nowhere?’ asked the guest. 10%’ said the host, tapping his nose. On the return visit, the host showed him his new road. It didn’t exist. ‘Why are you showing me a road that doesn’t exist?’ asked the guest. ‘100%’ replied the host, tapping his nose

    by Robin Mitchinson - 24 December 2013
  • Cambodia_aid_waste

    How to waste foreign aid money

    Waste, laziness, and closing ranks: that is how your (or Bill Gates's) aid money -- $330 million -- is wasted as this short example shows. And they get away with it...

    by Robin Mitchinson - 17 December 2013
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    Are multinationals in Ghana really paying less in tax than market traders?

    It is unfair to criticise companies for not paying corporation tax without making it clear that they are paying millions of dollars in other forms of taxation

    by David Davies MP -  2 May 2012