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  • Brussels_attacks

    No wonder they call it ‘Belgistan’

    Per capita Belgium has seen more Muslims travel to join Islamic State than any other European nation. Its security services are dysfunctional, and Belgium is now a byword for the failed multiculturalist strategies that feed the jihad in Europe

    by Jeremy Havardi - 25 March 2016
  • Paris_carnage

    Why jihadi strategy is working, and how to stop it

    The Jihad is playing the naive West like a violin. The only strategy that will work is not the defeat of ISIL and other Jihadi groups, but their extermination. But to do that we need to defeat the bleeding hearts at home

    by Robin Mitchinson -  2 February 2016
  • Paris-attack-nov-13-2015-billboard-650-02

    Getting real about Islamism means getting like Israel

    Jihadis do not mysteriously emerge from a culture free zone, only 'accidentally' parroting their religious credentials. They promote a violent, fascistic ideology which draws its energy from a reading of the verses and concepts of Islamic texts

    by Jeremy Havardi - 16 November 2015
  • Paris_at_night_by_technofanbg-d4nukh8

    INSTANT VIEW: Paris attacks, West's ambiguity on Jihad

    The tragic terror attacks in Paris were all too predictable. The West has an ambiguous approach to the jihad, as we see over Israel, and a broad denial about what it is we are at war with

    by the commentator - 13 November 2015
  • 1000

    Tunisia attack: Islamic terror families must apologise

    Sadistic, psychotic, and without conscience, the evils of Islamic extremism have been dissembled about for far too long. This appalling terrorism is supported by the wider ideology of Islamofascism which is nurtured inside families. We need to say so loudly and clearly

    by Clare George-Hilley - 26 June 2015
  • Islamic_jihadists

    Enough of saying jihadists aren't real Muslims

    Our leaders keep trying to tell us that jihadists aren't real Muslims. But the world’s Muslims aren’t holding their breath to hear what sort of Islamic legitimacy the West is about to confer on any given Islamist group. We need to stop dissembling and tell the truth about Islam

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 18 March 2015
  • Behead_those_who_insult_islam

    Charlie Hebdo: it’s time for war against Islamofascism

    My grandfather didn’t fight for freedom in the Second World War against Nazi fascism, only to have Islamofascism take over whilst he’s stuck in a nursing home. I will not stand by and watch as Jewish people are persecuted, intimidated and forced to flee their homes.

    by Clare George-Hilley - 11 January 2015
  • Hydra

    A Dead Caliph vs. the Hydra of Jihad

    Our hopeless Western leaders and mainstream media consistently miss the point about defeating the Islamists: victory can only come when the violent ideologies of radical Islam are cauterized with fire

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 14 November 2014
  • Islamic_caliphate

    New Islamic Caliphate declares Jihad on … Muslims

    The fanatics in ISIS regard Israel and the Jews as less of a threat than what we in the West call Islamic "moderates". There's a major lesson here that we would do well to learn

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 18 July 2014
  • Jihadist_caliphate

    Jihadi rhetoric: Tiresome but deadly

    With Islamists today, it’s the same exact message as it always has been, of supremacism, hate, and violence, capped off with divine sanctioning. Yet Western media and politicians still have their heads in the sand

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 13 July 2014
  • Meriam_yehya_ibrahim

    Islam in the eyes of a blind world

    There is undoubtedly a kinder face of Islam than the one presented here. But by what dishonest standards do politically correct ideologues think they can pursuade us that this cruelness is not authentic too?

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 21 May 2014
  • Sex_jihad

    Sex Jihad fatwa permits incest in Syria

    The maxim, “necessity makes the prohibited permissible,” which is beloved by the jihadis, is responsible for any number of seeming contradictions: Muslim women must chastely be covered head-to-toe -- yet, in the service of jihad, they are allowed to prostitute their bodies, even it seems to relatives

    by Raymond Ibrahim -  4 May 2014
  • Syria-norvegian-terrorists

    Turkey and the new Jihad on Christian Armenians

    Years, decades, and centuries go by. Yet the same story, the same enmity --Turkish to Armenian, or more distilled yet, Muslim to Christian -- lives on even if in different contexts and formats

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 30 March 2014
  • Jean-l%c3%a9on_g%c3%a9r%c3%b4me_-_the_christian_martyrs'_last_prayer_-_walters_37113

    Media ignores Jihadi persecution of Christians. Why?

    Why is Christian suffering, the greatest human rights tragedy of our time, ignored? Because, if mainstream media were to report honestly on Christian persecution at the hands of radical Islamists so many bedrocks of the leftist narrative currently dominating political discourse would crumble

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 21 March 2014
  • Executed-by-sword

    Allah’s Sword of Terror

    At last, let us understand that the heartbeat of the jihad -- sex, violence, and rapine -- has scarcely changed in nearly fourteen centuries, says Raymond Ibrahim, a rare authority on such matters. Be educated, be shocked

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 17 March 2014