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  • Leaders_islam

    Getting tougher but smarter on Islamist terrorism

    Europe and America have consistently got the threat of Islamic terrorism wrong. in over reacting and wrongly reacting, we keep playing into the Jihadis hands. We need to be tougher but cleverer. Here's the plan

    by Robin Mitchinson -  6 April 2016
  • Islam_sex_slaves

    Islamist rape of "white women" as old as Islam itself

    Byzantine women, or, “white women,” were long viewed as the “femme fatale” of Islam -- from a carnal perspective, the most desired, from a pious perspective, the most despised of women. How little has changed, as events from Britain through Scandinavia to Islamic State testify

    by Raymond Ibrahim -  5 August 2015
  • Muslims_in_china

    China confronts Islamist terrorism

    Despite recent turmoil on the stock markets, the Chinese economy continues to grow at a breathtaking pace. Yet, its politics remain backward and oppressive. Now, it has to wake up to a threat the West is acutely aware of: the threat to it posed by militant Islam

    by Michael Curtis - 16 July 2015
  • Suicide_bomber_talha_asmal__from..._dewsbury_in_yorkshire

    Preventing Islamist terrorism in Britain

    The more than 2,000 Muslims who have left Britain for Islamic state were not socially deprived since many came from middle class or aspiring families. Nor was "Islamophobia" an issue as Leftists claim. The radicalisation came from within

    by Michael Curtis - 23 June 2015
  • Uc_irvine

    Saving democracy from itself, and the Muslim Brotherhood

    Islamists and their sympathizers increasingly dominate college campuses, and the trend threatens those who want to remain free of sharia law, those who openly support Israel, and those who care about free speech and academic freedom. Western democracy itself is now under mortal threat

    by Noah Beck - 16 April 2015
  • Al-shabaab

    A massacre of Christians to ponder at Easter

    Yet again, the mainstream media is playing down the massacre of Christians in the Islamic world. The slaughter of 147 in Kenya is portrayed as an isolated incident. But it isn't. It's par for the course and it could be the shape of things to come for all of us. Ponder that this Easter

    by Raymond Ibrahim -  3 April 2015
  • Islamic_state_barbarians

    Islamist barbarism at the gate

    It is baffling that some well-meaning Westerners still regard Islamist extremists as carrying the banner of the oppressed. But such is the nature of the ideological Left. These shabby, useful idiots need to be exposed, along with the barbarians they lie for

    by Michael Curtis - 10 March 2015
  • Women_jihadists

    Women on the march to Islamism

    The Islamic State has cleverly constructed its propaganda to tempt educated, physically attractive women. It understands that the blonde and blue-eyed female bombers will gain the most foreign publicity and television coverage. But how to subert the lure of fanaticism for women jihadis themselves?

    by Michael Curtis -  4 March 2015
  • Jihadi-john

    Have you been radicalised, poor thing?

    He's affectionately now known as Jihadi John. But how he could possibly have been "radicalised" is apparently a total mystery to the BBC and the British establishment. As we continue to commit civilisational suicide, sometimes only satire will do

    by Vincent Cooper -  3 March 2015
  • Copenhagen

    Copenhagen attacks and Western mixed messages

    After Copenhagen, we are tragically reminded that our leaders are sending mixed messages about terrorism both in their dithering about Islamist terror against Israel, and their absurd statements that Islam is an irrelevant factor

    by the commentator - 15 February 2015
  • Islamism_victim

    The West: Desensitized to Islamist violence

    These days, only the dramatic instances of violent jihad get reported in mainstream media. One wonders how long before Charlie Hebdo-style attacks also lose their newsworthiness, becoming commonplace and expected, as the tentacles of the jihad continue to grow

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 29 January 2015
  • Hanan_and_islam

    Making excuses for Islamism

    Why do Conservatives like Dan Hannan fail to get the point about Islamism and Islam? Theirs is a different kind of denial from the Left's but it is still based on deep-seated flaws. There's also an unholy alliance between the Left and some on the Right on Islamism

    by Vincent Cooper - 27 January 2015
  • Women_for_terror

    Paying for a miracle against Islamist terror?

    The release of women from captivity by Islamist fanatics is of course great news for the victims. But are we paying the terrorists for this? Very troublesome news from Italy must put us on our guard. Weak West is lost on this as on so many related matters

    by Tim Hedges - 19 January 2015
  • Charlie_pencils

    A dying Western culture is the problem

    British MPs stood in Westminster Hall holding up pencils and pop-art “Je Suis Charlie” posters. I’m sure that frightened the Islamists. Can anyone imagine Churchill holding up a pencil? We’re not serious about defending our own civilisation

    by Vincent Cooper - 12 January 2015
  • Charlie_candles

    The shameful myth of Charlie Hebdo solidarity

    Our self-censoring politically correct media and politicians believe 'terrorists' emerge from a culture free swamp and only coincidentally imbibe the concepts of their Islamic faith. The shameful truth is that, with very few exceptions, there hasn't been any genuine Charlie Hebdo solidarity. Quite the reverse

    by Jeremy Havardi -  9 January 2015