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  • Women_for_terror

    Paying for a miracle against Islamist terror?

    The release of women from captivity by Islamist fanatics is of course great news for the victims. But are we paying the terrorists for this? Very troublesome news from Italy must put us on our guard. Weak West is lost on this as on so many related matters

    by Tim Hedges - 19 January 2015
  • Charlie_pencils

    A dying Western culture is the problem

    British MPs stood in Westminster Hall holding up pencils and pop-art “Je Suis Charlie” posters. I’m sure that frightened the Islamists. Can anyone imagine Churchill holding up a pencil? We’re not serious about defending our own civilisation

    by Vincent Cooper - 12 January 2015
  • Charlie_candles

    The shameful myth of Charlie Hebdo solidarity

    Our self-censoring politically correct media and politicians believe 'terrorists' emerge from a culture free swamp and only coincidentally imbibe the concepts of their Islamic faith. The shameful truth is that, with very few exceptions, there hasn't been any genuine Charlie Hebdo solidarity. Quite the reverse

    by Jeremy Havardi -  9 January 2015
  • Paris_demo

    Charlie Hebdo massacre. The price of Western cowardice?

    The slaughter of French journalists at Charlie Hebdo by Islamist fanatics should shock everyone but surprise no-one. Things have been heading this way for years. The Islamists have got the message that our leaders are weak and that their commitment to free speech is meaningless piffle. UPDATE: See below as the dissemblers enter the fray

    by the commentator -  7 January 2015
  • Child-bride-pakistan

    Islamic "Reformation" fails as child marriage re-affirmed

    All enlightened people want to believe in an Islamic "Reformation", mainly because we don't want unending conflict. Trouble is Muslims must follow Mohammed's example, and that poses problems where the abuse of young girls is concerned

    by Raymond Ibrahim -  2 January 2015
  • Islam-will-dominate-the-world

    Islamist plans right on track, and the West is helping

    If any eyes were opened after the 9/11 attacks, they weren’t Western eyes -- certainly not the eyes of Western leadership, mainstream media, and academia. Islamists believe they're right on track. They could be right

    by Raymond Ibrahim -  7 November 2014
  • Cameron_and_harper

    Islam is changing the West

    Western leaders keep saying that we must not be intimidated by militant Islam. Yet their actions suggest we are indeed being intimidated, all the time, and that our way of life in Britain and elsewhere is changing

    by Vincent Cooper - 30 October 2014
  • Islamist_terror

    We must defeat not just degrade Islamist terrorism

    We must defeat not just degrade Islamist terror groups. There must be victory. If we're going to achieve that aim we're going to have to get serious, and a whole lot better at knowing who are enemies actually are

    by Michael Curtis - 29 September 2014
  • Jihadists

    Western survival requires the end of Islamist jihadism

    The world is now full of jihadist groups, whether al-Qaeda, the Nusra Front, or the Islamic State, some of whose supporters are trained to carry out terrorist attacks in their Western countries of origin. Yet, our leaders fiddle while the West burns

    by Michael Curtis - 21 September 2014
  • Muslim_sex_slavery

    Sexually enslaving kids: A Muslim-world problem

    If you thought the terrible sex-slave scandal in the English city of Rotherham was an exception you'd be sadly wrong. Muslim groups all over the world have been committing similar atrocities, ignored by mainstream media

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 13 September 2014
  • Jihadist_latest

    ISIS extremists "aren't real Muslims". Really?

    Prime Minister Cameron telling us that ISIS are not real Muslims after the latest beheading is as preposterous as saying that Catholic Popes of the Middle Ages weren't real Christians. Who are you to say?

    by the commentator -  3 September 2014
  • Shark_attack

    Sharks and Islamists: equally misunderstood?

    Sharkophobia and Islamophobia are equally absurd diversions. The prevalent theme is it’s not the shark’s fault that it attacked someone. Rather, humans are responsible for entering the shark’s domain, the ocean. Sound familiar?

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 24 August 2014
  • Cameron_lights_are_on

    UK failure on Islamism and James Foley's murder

    Leftists who have spent years defending Islamic extremism in Britain, labelling anyone who has raised concerns as bigoted, have been proved wrong. The Left, and those on the Right who cower before Leftist mantras, have much to answer for after James Foley's murder

    by Clare George-Hilley - 20 August 2014
  • Spanish_jihadists

    Spain stops trafficking of teenage girls for the sex Jihad

    Teenage girls, heading to sex slavery for jihadists in the Middle East, are apprehended by Spanish police. The BBC and other mainstream outlets in Europe refuse to report such instances for fear of offending politically correct narratives

    by the commentator -  4 August 2014
  • Trojan_horse

    Trojan Horse teachers should be jailed

    Under the previous Labour government, a culture of political correctness meant Islamic extremism was allowed to spread unopposed and unchallenged at every level of society. Those days must now come to an end

    by Steven George-Hilley - 21 July 2014