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  • Islam_sex_slaves

    Islamist rape of "white women" as old as Islam itself

    Byzantine women, or, “white women,” were long viewed as the “femme fatale” of Islam -- from a carnal perspective, the most desired, from a pious perspective, the most despised of women. How little has changed, as events from Britain through Scandinavia to Islamic State testify

    by Raymond Ibrahim -  5 August 2015
  • Muslims_in_china

    China confronts Islamist terrorism

    Despite recent turmoil on the stock markets, the Chinese economy continues to grow at a breathtaking pace. Yet, its politics remain backward and oppressive. Now, it has to wake up to a threat the West is acutely aware of: the threat to it posed by militant Islam

    by Michael Curtis - 16 July 2015
  • Islamic_state_barbarians

    Islamist barbarism at the gate

    It is baffling that some well-meaning Westerners still regard Islamist extremists as carrying the banner of the oppressed. But such is the nature of the ideological Left. These shabby, useful idiots need to be exposed, along with the barbarians they lie for

    by Michael Curtis - 10 March 2015
  • Women_jihadists

    Women on the march to Islamism

    The Islamic State has cleverly constructed its propaganda to tempt educated, physically attractive women. It understands that the blonde and blue-eyed female bombers will gain the most foreign publicity and television coverage. But how to subert the lure of fanaticism for women jihadis themselves?

    by Michael Curtis -  4 March 2015
  • Hanan_and_islam

    Making excuses for Islamism

    Why do Conservatives like Dan Hannan fail to get the point about Islamism and Islam? Theirs is a different kind of denial from the Left's but it is still based on deep-seated flaws. There's also an unholy alliance between the Left and some on the Right on Islamism

    by Vincent Cooper - 27 January 2015
  • Jihadists

    Western survival requires the end of Islamist jihadism

    The world is now full of jihadist groups, whether al-Qaeda, the Nusra Front, or the Islamic State, some of whose supporters are trained to carry out terrorist attacks in their Western countries of origin. Yet, our leaders fiddle while the West burns

    by Michael Curtis - 21 September 2014
  • Muslim_sex_slavery

    Sexually enslaving kids: A Muslim-world problem

    If you thought the terrible sex-slave scandal in the English city of Rotherham was an exception you'd be sadly wrong. Muslim groups all over the world have been committing similar atrocities, ignored by mainstream media

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 13 September 2014
  • Islamism_and_women

    Islamists latest shocking brutalisation of women

    Not only Christians, but all women have been banned from sitting on chairs, seeing male gynecologists, smoking, and much more besides. All this from Islamist "freedom fighters" in Syria

    by Raymond Ibrahim -  9 January 2014
  • Geert_wilders_1598147a

    Why Australia's free speech must be defended, whatever the cost

    Despite a lot of fuss, controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders appears free to enter Australia - good news for liberty lovers

    by Joseph Power - 15 October 2012
  • 66746c1e325c8c3936834d808410f39a56c1ef4b

    Don't lock women out of Afghanistan's future

    To fail to support the women of Afghanistan now would not only be morally reprehensible but strategically unwise.

    by Megan Moore -  5 December 2011
  • E0174302a4933709987ffcb1a5f8b7fac23b0e6b

    Europe’s new fascists are closet liberals

    Today's far Right and its mix of social liberalism and economic populism makes it more empathetic to the demands of the old fashioned Left. Europe’s fascists aren’t fascists at all: they’re liberals on steroids

    by Timothy Stanley - 18 November 2011
  • 9f173c604047bf281f3443791d8d0150898d320d

    Multiculturalism: if the Aussies 'get it’, why don't we?

    When a government is not politically correct and multiculturalism is allowed to mature naturally with all its ups and downs, and not thrust down people’s throats or used as a political tool, people will just learn to get along.

    by Raheel Raza - 17 October 2011
  • 284896ff5f90e3c020881f0fc8974ae0b3721c98

    Islamism’s war against women

    Our scholars need to understand that human Rights can’t be implemented only through the lens of scriptures. It’s time we looked at the scriptures through the lens of human rights and resisted Shariah law.

    by Raheel Raza - 23 September 2011


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