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  • Israeli-settlement-arabs48

    Israeli settlements are not the obstacle to peace

    Honest, objective analysis would indicate that the main obstacle to peace, and to a Palestinian state is Palestinian intransigence and resort to violence. Settlements are a red herring for obsessive and irrational Israel haters

    by Michael Curtis -  9 September 2016
  • Jerusalem_at_night

    European Left turns back Israel-Palestine peace process

    All across Europe, Leftist bigotry against Israel is not just wrong in itself, it is doing real harm to any prospect of peace with the Palestinians. The Left should just butt out

    by Michael Curtis - 17 October 2014
  • Kristalnacht

    Are all boycotters of Israel anti-Semitic?

    Do you treat Jews in a manner different from other people? Israel is the quintessential Jewish project of modern times. Reflect. Prof. Michael Curtis in one of the most important pieces on the subject for many years

    by Michael Curtis - 18 March 2014
  • Saeb_erekat

    Yes Mr. Erekat, Jesus was a Jew

    The chief Palestinian negotiator is a deluded fantasist who, with a straight face, argues that the Palestinians pre-date the Jews. In reality, his own family probably came from Saudi Arabia in the 20th century!

    by Michael Curtis - 19 February 2014
  • Jesus_as_palestinian

    Borrowing Jesus

    Palestinian-supporting Israel-haters -- "Christians" or otherwise -- "borrow" Jesus to promote ludicrous and almost amusingly poor, fake narratives of the Palestinian past, and contempt for Jews and Israel in the present

    by Steve Apfel - 26 December 2013
  • Barroso_and_netanyahu

    Europe's love-hate relationship with Israel?

    Europe loves Israel's high-tech economy, but hates its nature as a Jewish state that won't yield to international efforts to undermine its very existence. Europe is conflicted about the Jews, as it always has been, argues the Director of Christian Middle East Watch

    by Nick Gray - 19 December 2013
  • Flag1-550x733-1

    The completely rational reaction to a flag...

    An Israeli flag was flown at the UEFA Champions League Final, a few tweeters found the whole thing a bit too much to handle

    by Media Hawk - 29 May 2013