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  • Jerusalem

    Israel as normal or unique

    Interestingly, the legacy of Herzl is claimed both by the right as nationalist, and by the left as cosmopolitan. Despite, or perhaps because of, its successes Israel's goal of becoming a state like any other remains elusive

    by Michael Curtis - 17 March 2018
  • Jerusalem

    A Donald Trump 14 Points for Israel and Palestinians

    President Trump should emulate Woodrow Wilson and his landmark 14 points for peace by setting out 14 basic terms and conditions for a sane and lasting deal for Israel, the Palestinians, and the region as a whole. This is what those points should be

    by Michael Curtis - 18 May 2017
  • Cairo-snow-scene

    Why the Arab Spring really turned into an Arab Winter

    Fomenting conspiracy theories and blaming someone else for one's own misfortunes is a national sport in the Arab world. The Arab Spring's failure has deep roots in the political culture, and the West needs to understand that until that changes the prospect for an enlightened politics will remain remote

    by Dimitar Mihaylov - 24 April 2017
  • Mahmoud-abbas-ap

    Trump must understand vicious Palestinian politics

    The power struggles in Palestinian politics make the contest between Presidential candidates in American politics look likely a friendly game of chess, and that's just among the "moderates" who include Holocaust deniers, and former stooges of the KGB. The incoming Trump administration must wise up to this and avoid Obama's blindness

    by Michael Curtis -  4 December 2016
  • Arafat

    A lesson in denial, confusion: Honouring Yasser Arafat

    The Arafat Museum has just opened in Ramallah. It is a testament to Palestinian denial about everyhing from Arafat's birthplace, the billions of dollars he stole, and his responsibility for violence and terror. It hardly shows Palestinian seriousness about forging peace with Israel

    by Michael Curtis - 13 November 2016
  • Israel_latest

    Israel: The bravest democracy of our time

    Against all the odds, against history itself (?), against the hatred of all hatreds, the Jewish state has survived and prospered. In the week of its 68th birthday, all free men and women of the world unite to say: God bless Israel, bravest democracy of our time

    by Michael Curtis - 14 May 2016
  • Israel

    British academics and bigotry against Israel

    Hundreds of British academics, mired in ignorance and bigotry, signed an advertisement in the Guardian pledging boycotts of Israeli academia. These people know no shame

    by Michael Curtis -  7 November 2015
  • Giles_fraser

    Put your (Palestinian) dreams away for another day

    The dreams of anti-Israeli British clerics like the Rev. Giles Fraser would not have puzzled Freud. It would be far better for fanatical critics of Israel to remember that wishing on a false narrative never gets you far, and that it is time for them to make a new start

    by Michael Curtis -  9 June 2015
  • The_siege

    Truth under siege from Artists for Palestine

    The abuse of art by anti-Israeli activists has reared its ugly head in London again. If this was the usual suspects it wouldn't be so bad. But mainstream actors and taxpayers' money add a sinister new twist to on old hatred

    by Michael Curtis - 26 May 2015
  • Jerusalem_beautiful

    Time to get a grip over Israel-Palestine conflict

    The ridiculous and self-destructive Palestinian leadership continues to mourn the entirely just and legitimate re-establishment of Israel. But that's no excuse for people in the West to indulge this nonsense, especially while carnage engulfs the MidEast

    by Nick Gray - 16 May 2015
  • Suha_arafat

    Amnesty International should listen to Mrs. Arafat

    Amnesty International has launched yet another foaming-at-the-mouth attack against Israel in a report showing either that they don't care about Islamic terrorism or are simply ignorant about it

    by Michael Curtis - 17 December 2014
  • Synagogue_killings

    Palestine's culture of hate is at root of the conflict

    The horrific glorification of the Israel synagogue killers reminds us there is no real-world path to peace until the hatred is expunged from Palestinian culture. It has been there from the start, and there will be no end to this conflict until it is gone

    by MidEast watcher -  5 December 2014
  • Hamas_fighters

    Israel acting disproportionately? Think again

    The vile and bigoted anti-Israel agenda comes roaring back onto the British agenda with every new assault that Israel faces. It is morally illiterate to ignore the difference between Israel and Hamas

    by Jeremy Havardi - 11 July 2014
  • 1401117003000-epa-israel-pope-francis-visit1

    Pope Francis in the Holy Land - a political pilgrimage?

    Was Pope Francis's visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories the purely spiritual event intended?

    by Nick Gray - 27 May 2014
  • Ottolenghi_1

    Realism in the Middle East

    The Arab-Israeli conflict defies solution. It is time the West recognised that the differences are irreconcilable -- and the sooner the better

    by Emanuele Ottolenghi  -  6 May 2014