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  • Tornado

    Bullingdon bomber has his majority. Now what for Syria?

    Cameron won a great victory, and Corbyn suffered a humiliating defeat in the Syria vote. But the big question remains: in this vastly complicated situation, what are we going to achieve?

    by Robin Mitchinson -  3 December 2015
  • Broders

    Immigration and the Syrian problem

    Concerning Syria and terrorism it is vital to see the need for stronger and more effective border checks and controls on potential terrorist seeking entry or seeking to return to our country after undergoing training in violence and radical extremism

    by Sir John Redwood MP -  2 December 2015
  • Paris-attack-nov-13-2015-billboard-650-02

    Getting real about Islamism means getting like Israel

    Jihadis do not mysteriously emerge from a culture free zone, only 'accidentally' parroting their religious credentials. They promote a violent, fascistic ideology which draws its energy from a reading of the verses and concepts of Islamic texts

    by Jeremy Havardi - 16 November 2015
  • Obama_putin_latest

    Obama v Putin -- a New Realism?

    As always, President Obama tiptoes around violent contradictions in today’s Islam. Indeed, his speech on Syria showed a confused mind on many things, while President Putin was sharper and more focused. Yet, strangely, it might all coalesce into a deal

    by Charles Crawford - 30 September 2015
  • Raf_drone

    Killing British ISIL traitors is perfectly legal

    PC types can't understand it is not necessary to wait for a terrorist to strike before retaliating so long as it is ‘proportionate and necessary’. Taking out a pair of fanatical killers before they had caused maybe 100 or more casualties as at 7/7 could not be more ‘proportionate’

    by Robin Mitchinson - 12 September 2015
  • Obama_latest

    Obama’s shameful Syria policy

    From the discarding of red lines to an unwillingness to meaningfully arm or train the Syrian rebels to looking the other way as a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions unfolds across the Middle East, Syria is a tragic exemplar of U.S. President Barack Obama’s out to lunch foreign policy

    by Taylor Dibbert -  8 September 2015
  • Jihadi-john

    Syria's Assad says most dangerous ISIS leaders are from Scandinavia

    As concerns continue to grow about Europeans departing to join ISIS, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has revealed that he believes the most dangerous ISIS leaders may not be either homegrown or from Britain or France, but from Scandinavia

    by the commentator - 17 April 2015
  • Hydra

    A Dead Caliph vs. the Hydra of Jihad

    Our hopeless Western leaders and mainstream media consistently miss the point about defeating the Islamists: victory can only come when the violent ideologies of radical Islam are cauterized with fire

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 14 November 2014
  • Spanish_jihadists

    Spain stops trafficking of teenage girls for the sex Jihad

    Teenage girls, heading to sex slavery for jihadists in the Middle East, are apprehended by Spanish police. The BBC and other mainstream outlets in Europe refuse to report such instances for fear of offending politically correct narratives

    by the commentator -  4 August 2014
  • Islamic_caliphate

    New Islamic Caliphate declares Jihad on … Muslims

    The fanatics in ISIS regard Israel and the Jews as less of a threat than what we in the West call Islamic "moderates". There's a major lesson here that we would do well to learn

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 18 July 2014
  • Jihadist_caliphate

    Jihadi rhetoric: Tiresome but deadly

    With Islamists today, it’s the same exact message as it always has been, of supremacism, hate, and violence, capped off with divine sanctioning. Yet Western media and politicians still have their heads in the sand

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 13 July 2014
  • Sex_jihad

    Sex Jihad fatwa permits incest in Syria

    The maxim, “necessity makes the prohibited permissible,” which is beloved by the jihadis, is responsible for any number of seeming contradictions: Muslim women must chastely be covered head-to-toe -- yet, in the service of jihad, they are allowed to prostitute their bodies, even it seems to relatives

    by Raymond Ibrahim -  4 May 2014
  • Jihads_aim_at_toddler

    Syrian Jihadis ‘Take Aim’ at Christian Toddler

    Surely “teasing” an infidel toddler – a subhuman – with their rifles and sharing it with their sadistic comrades via the Internet for a “laugh” should not be too surprising? After all, we're not naive are we?

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 24 April 2014
  • Syria-norvegian-terrorists

    Turkey and the new Jihad on Christian Armenians

    Years, decades, and centuries go by. Yet the same story, the same enmity --Turkish to Armenian, or more distilled yet, Muslim to Christian -- lives on even if in different contexts and formats

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 30 March 2014
  • Jean-l%c3%a9on_g%c3%a9r%c3%b4me_-_the_christian_martyrs'_last_prayer_-_walters_37113

    Media ignores Jihadi persecution of Christians. Why?

    Why is Christian suffering, the greatest human rights tragedy of our time, ignored? Because, if mainstream media were to report honestly on Christian persecution at the hands of radical Islamists so many bedrocks of the leftist narrative currently dominating political discourse would crumble

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 21 March 2014