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  • Broders

    Immigration and the Syrian problem

    Concerning Syria and terrorism it is vital to see the need for stronger and more effective border checks and controls on potential terrorist seeking entry or seeking to return to our country after undergoing training in violence and radical extremism

    by Sir John Redwood MP -  2 December 2015
  • Polish_and_uk_flag

    Would you mind having a Polish neighbour?

    Polish immigration has been a bonanza for the UK. Of course, there must be proper controls over immigration in general. But any thoughts about demonising the Polish are both wrong and irrational, says Friends of Poland in UKIP

    by Tomasz Zajaczkowski -  7 February 2014
  • Polish_shop

    UKIP asks Cameron not to stigmatise Poles

    UKIP Friends of Poland has sent an open letter to Prime Minister Cameron asking him to show more respect to Poles in Britain, stressing that while controlled immigration is necessary stigmatisation is not

    by Przemek Skwirczynski - 25 January 2014
  • Border_2

    A grown up discussion about immigration?

    Even to talk about immigration was once to be accused of racism. But can we be a little more mature, these days?

    by Simon Miller -  5 July 2013
  • 9d3bd579e2dd768873c5d17d7441d503ba8d2753

    Whatever happened to Blue Labour?

    Blue Labour was an exercise in communitarian populism which argued that Labour needed to embrace the nascent conservatism of its former working-class supporters. But for the moment at least, Labour is staying red.

    by Timothy Stanley - 26 September 2011


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