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  • Sturgeon_and_wood

    Pro-EU SNP and Plaid aim to destroy UK but lose independence

    The pro-EU SNP and Plaid Cymru want to break up Britain and cause havoc with Labour on the way. But don't for a second think they want real self-determination. If they did, they wouldn't be planning to turn Scotland and Wales into client states of Brussels. It's just an anti-English crusade

    by Luke Stanley -  1 May 2015
  • Leaders_debate_latest

    Leaders' Debate: The very unmagnificent seven

    The abysmal leaders' debate was a product of our abysmal politics. Four of the seven leaders were Left-populists; one was a Left-totalitarian; Farage was a total one trick pony on immigration; Cameron looked as though he didn't want to be there, which of course he didn't. What a fiasco British politics now is

    by the commentator -  3 April 2015