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    The Pope needs Peter Mandelson

    Among Pope Francis’s many qualities PR does not figure. Perhaps it is to his credit, but increasingly he seems to be presiding over a shambles. He could do with Peter Mandelson

    by Tim Hedges - 26 October 2014
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    The Politics Olympiad 2013 - Team GB news

    The Moscow 2013 Politics Olympiad is now just a few short months away. Today we look at the GB squad members and their possible chances

    by Adrian Moss - 14 August 2012
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    Polly always sees red: Toynbee's rewriting of history

    Polly Toynbee's historical revisionism is a spectacle at the best of times. Her views on Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony are something else

    by Andrew Gibson -  2 August 2012
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    Carry On Occupying

    The fringe left across the Western world are creating conditions conducive to conservatism - even the greatest strategist couldn't have dreamed up such a thing.

    by  - 15 December 2011