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    ANALYSIS: Corbyn surge UK version of Le Pen phenomenon

    Despite the Conservative 'victory' in the UK election, the big story is that the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn -- a barely reconstructed Marxist who has befriended Islamist terror groups -- did so well. As in continental Europe, democracy as we have known it in Britain now faces a real and worrying challenge

    by the commentator -  9 June 2017
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    Frexit in a decade? The real warning from France

    The real story of France's elections for the European project is that mass opposition to the EU is now right at the heart of the French political agenda. France is probably where Britain was a decade ago. Frexit in 10 years, anyone?

    by the commentator -  8 May 2017
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    France going Eurosceptic regardless of election result

    Macron will win the French elections only because he is not Marine Le Pen. But euroscepticism is surging in France as evidenced by the fact 46% in the first round voted for fiercely eurosceptic candidates. That reality will endure after Sunday's presidential run off

    by Joseph Hackett -  5 May 2017
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    Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen

    Globalization feeds a sense of injustice, and loss of cultural identity. But there is no going back to pre-globalization. Trump and France's Le Pen are not the same, but their supporters are driven by many similar concerns, some legitimate. Elites need to take them seriously, or populism could get uglier still. What happens next in France will be instructive

    by Michael Curtis - 25 November 2016
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    Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen setting the agenda

    Populism, today exemplified by Marine Le Pen in France and Donald Trump in America, is not new in Western democracies. They're making headway because the mainstream has not formulated workable strategies on immigration and Islamist terrorism

    by Michael Curtis - 15 December 2015
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    Multiculturalism and the Olympics

    To suggest that the sporting achievement of multicultural athletes is proof that immigration policy is working is akin to putting Keith Richards on a pedestal as a poster boy for the effects of drugs

    by Mark Aylward -  7 August 2012
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    Are Republicans crazy?

    Ted Bromund examines the gap between conservatives and Republicans and asks what's so extreme about conservatism?

    by Ted Bromund -  4 May 2012
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    Sarkozy and Hollande head for a second round

    President Sarkozy and M. Hollande now have two weeks to make their case to the French people. Only a fool would pick a winner at this stage

    by Daniel Hamilton - 23 April 2012