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    Why attack a marathon?

    Terrorists use pluralism and freedom in order to crush pluralism and freedom. Yesterday’s attack will be debated over the coming days but there is little escaping this conclusion

    by Melissa S. Gresham - 16 April 2013
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    Why hire a veteran?

    Nearly 240,000 Gulf War era II Veterans are unemployed in the US as of September 2012

    by Melissa S. Gresham - 12 November 2012
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    The perfect storm in Africa

    A complacent African strategic plan, the downsizing of the US military force, and the growing terrorist activities in Sub-Saharan Africa create the perfect conditions for another mass casualty attack

    by Melissa S. Gresham -  6 August 2012
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    A new threat from Boko Haram

    Boko Haram is alleged to have aquired an air asset by means of procuring a helicopter from Libya. It may be a matter of time before we witness more sophisticated terrorism activities in Nigeria

    by Melissa S. Gresham -  1 August 2012