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    Another useless FSA?

    What happens when you put quangos in charge...

    by Douglas Carswell MP - 10 February 2013
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    How much Gordon?

    A panicked decision to buy Northern Rock has already cost the taxpayer £2bn and there's another £66bn we could be stuck with

    by Simon Miller - 16 November 2012
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    Northern Rock bailout to cost UK taxpayers billions

    UK taxpayers' are expected to lose billions of pounds in the bailout of Northern Rock, Lloyds and RBS, report for the Commons Committee of Public Accounts says

    by Natalie Glanvill - 16 November 2012
  • Money

    Bad LUC for banks, bad luck for us

    If the market doesn't have confidence then share prices fall, bond yields shoot up and eventually a bank is in solvency trouble as its own liquidity dries up despite fire sales

    by Simon Miller -  6 November 2012
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    FAQs on the Government's economic policy

    What is our economic situation? What is Government policy? How do we carry on spending billions we haven't got? What about a plan for growth? Answers to these questions and many more...

    by David Davies MP -  6 July 2012
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    Deficit reduction delayed?

    The government was right to say it needed to cut the deficit by cutting spending. The issue remains how

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 23 November 2011
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    Behaving badly? Politicians v the banks

    Inevitability when something happens there is a tendency to blame the system rather than the behaviour within the system. In their desperation to be seen as doing something, politicians – backed by hectoring calls from the media - ignore the obvious in favour of introducing more strict regulations or laws. The obvious being, what was the behaviour of the people involved?

    by Simon Miller -  2 September 2011