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    France gets priorities right in war against Islamist terror

    The West must mobilize pop culture to overcome ISIS. The question is whether young Muslims can overcome their possible cultural alienation in Western countries, particularly France, with the largest Muslim population in Europe. But France is now taking the lead of the free world...

    by Michael Curtis - 25 November 2015
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    The Muslim Council of Britain and terrorism

    The Muslim Council of Britain's forceful condemnation of the Paris terror attacks is welcome. But anyone can condemn slaughter, and doing so does not make you "moderate". What is needed is a radical change in key Muslim narratives

    by Jeremy Havardi - 20 November 2015
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    Getting real about Islamism means getting like Israel

    Jihadis do not mysteriously emerge from a culture free zone, only 'accidentally' parroting their religious credentials. They promote a violent, fascistic ideology which draws its energy from a reading of the verses and concepts of Islamic texts

    by Jeremy Havardi - 16 November 2015
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    The West at War: Know your enemy, know your aims

    As Islamic State is declaring and prosecuting a war on the West, Barack Obama's top priority is, wait for it, climate change. After the terrible tragedy in Paris we need leaders who know their enemy and know their priorities

    by Michael Curtis - 15 November 2015