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    Super Tuesday Shakeup

    With three of his former opponents throwing their support to him last night, does former Vice-President Joe Biden have the Joe-mentum to run the table in today’s Super Tuesday Primaries? Read our in-depth feature to learn more about the state of the race.

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor -  3 March 2020
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    Debate Digest

    Patrick Sullivan brings together the best reporting on last night's Democratic Presidential Debate in South Carolina.

    by Patrick Sullivan, Political Editor - 26 February 2020
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    In the News

    A digest of interesting articles and news stories for your perusal today.

    by Political News - 20 February 2020
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    Bloomberg's Gamble

    Tim Aker wonders whether former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's primary strategy will work better than it did for the last former New York Mayor who tried it.

    by Tim Aker -  9 February 2020