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  • Havana

    Supporting freedom in Cuba

    The U.S. and its allies should start preparing for a democratic revoution in Cuba now. Not because it definitely will happen after the recent initiative from Washington, but because if it does history shows that good preparation can make all the difference

    by Charles Crawford and Pratik Chougule - 29 December 2014
  • Soweto

    Of Mandela, Apartheid, Communism, and apologists

    The sad death of Nelson Mandela should not allow anyone to make an equivalence between the massed ranks of Leftist apologists for communist genocide and those who, while still opposing it, were misguided about Apartheid on the Right. Yet, the Right still has a lesson to learn

    by Robin Shepherd, Owner / Publisher -  6 December 2013
  • B7ac632843f6f63e8acd67391f56e2b4da9ecf94

    Hell hole in Cuba: Raul must free Alan Gross

    Cuba’s leadership may have passed from Fidel Castro to brother Raul but the regime retains its half-century-old aversion to freedom, and its propensity for cruelty, says Larry Haas

    by Lawrence J. Haas -  5 April 2012


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