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    Regulate the regulators before the risk

    While giving Diamond a kicking, the failures of the regulator deserve more than a passing mention

    by Simon Miller - 18 August 2012
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    The NHS? Beyond parody! And contempt!

    Are those who decide our health policies "beyond parody and contempt?" No. They have tough choices to make. But so do private companies

    by Charles Crawford - 13 July 2012
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    How to lose $2 billion: Swiss holes in an investment culture

    With reputations under attack again following revelations that a rogue trader had lost UBS $2bn, there will be increased calls for the splitting of banks’ functions. However, once again, behaviour appears to be at the root of the loss.

    by Simon Miller - 16 September 2011
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    Behaving badly? Politicians v the banks

    Inevitability when something happens there is a tendency to blame the system rather than the behaviour within the system. In their desperation to be seen as doing something, politicians – backed by hectoring calls from the media - ignore the obvious in favour of introducing more strict regulations or laws. The obvious being, what was the behaviour of the people involved?

    by Simon Miller -  2 September 2011