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  • Heseltine

    Brexit is our future, the Lords is not

    Lord Heseltine is the face of Britain's past. Brexit is the face of Britain's future. Has beens in a remote and unelected House of Lords must not be allowed to thwart the will of the British people

    by Matthew Ellery -  8 March 2017
  • House-of-lords_2532888b

    Scrap the House of Lords regardless of Brexit vote

    UPDATE: As we have seen this week, unelected, impudent cronies continue to try to thwart democracy. The House of Lords is an open sewer of corruption at the heart of Britain's national public life. Now these scoundrels want to overturn the popular will as expressed in the Brexit vote. Regardless of the way it goes on Brexit, the Lords should be scrapped without delay

    by Liberty Rules - 26 February 2017
  • Dbeaa21e6dd3443049cbefccaba8c23c0b34552c

    The problem isn’t Lords reform – the problem is these proposals

    After the reaction the country gave the Lib Dems on AV, we should not be surprised that they want to change the Lords without giving us a say. The Tories can't allow this to happen

    by Darren Rutland - 29 June 2012