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    Yes We Can! Have a laugh at Obamacare...

    Yes, I know I’ve written that it doesn’t make sense to believe in conspiracy theories, but every time I think about writing a long, serious article, I get distracted by some new jokes, cartoons, and mockery of the slow-motion, long-lasting train wreck of Obamacare, says Cato's Dan Mitchell

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 18 December 2013
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    This is not Jefferson's Republic

    Today, we who stand for liberty are Jefferson’s latest protégé’s and the new army of Democratic Republicans. And our fight is no different than that of the great man whose vision we honor

    by Joel D. Hirst -  2 July 2012
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    The Supreme Test

    As the world prepares to hear the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare it is worth considering the true nature of power in the United States

    by Dr. James Boys - 27 June 2012


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