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    Sunni and Shia jihad in Syria

    Today's battle in Syria is clearly split along religious lines and could have serious consequences for the West

    by Valentina Colombo - 13 June 2013
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    The case against intervention in Syria

    In the second of our two-part series, Lee Jenkins puts forward the case against intervention in Syria. Let the authors know which side you agree with in the comments sections below the respective arguments

    by Lee Jenkins - 21 February 2013
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    The case for intervention in Syria

    In the first of a two-part series, James Snell argues the case for intervention in Syria. Check the Tea Room for Lee Jenkins's counter-argument and leave your comments below, indicating which side you agree with

    by James Snell - 21 February 2013
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    Syria, a day before tomorrow

    Three scenarios appear plausible for Syria's future: agreed transition; segregation; or disintegration. It is imperative that friends of Syria help Syrians create a scenario they can live with

    by Nir Boms -  3 August 2012